Nasty Nurturing Mommy

Erotic Phone SexNasty Nurturing Mommy always makes you feel good. You’ve watched me all your life. When I got divorced it secretly made you so happy because now I  was all yours. All those years of me walking around in those sexy nighties. Now you could finally make your move.

Seducing your Nasty Nurturing Mommy was almost too easy. All those long nights got lonely as I watched you grow into a man. You continued to spend more and more time with me. Leaning on you for things I shouldn’t have. You became my confidant and my best friend. But one evening you decided you wanted more.

You came into my room and refused to leave. I told you that I was heading to bed and you should also. You had no intention of walking away from your Nasty Nurturing Mommy. You stripped naked and proudly showed me your big cock. I couldn’t help but take all of you in. My cunt got so wet with anticipation. It had been years since mommy had been properly fucked. Naughty mommy has a craving for your young cum.

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