Nasty Nurturing Mommy

Nasty Nurturing Mommy


Nasty Nurturing Mommy makes you feel good!

Nasty Nurturing Mommy always makes you feel good. You’ve watched me all your life. When I got divorced it secretly made you so happy because now I  was all yours. All those years of me walking around in those sexy nighties. Now you could finally make your move.


Nasty Nurturing Mommy teased you all this time!

Mommy has been teasing you for years. Wearing the skimpiest clothing. Walking around the house in sheer nighties. Leaving the door open when she undresses & showers. Sometimes Mommy forgets to close her door at night. Allowing you to hear her sweet moans as she touchers herself


Nasty Nurturing Mommy is so hot!

Seducing your Nasty Nurturing Mommy was almost too easy. All those long nights got lonely as I watched you grow into a man. You continued to spend more and more time with me. Leaning on you for things I shouldn’t have. You became my confidant and my best friend. But one evening you decided you wanted more.


Tonight was the night for Nasty Nurturing Mommy phone sex

You treated me to a good meal. Finishing off the evening with a night cap of a good bottle of wine. I knew you were spending the night. Understanding you would be sleeping in the guest room. Imagine my surprise when you come into my room. Having no intention of spending another night away from me. Your dirty desires for mommy unreturned.


Give your cock to  your Nasty Nurturing Mommy!

You came into my room and refused to leave. I told you that I was heading to bed and you should also. You had no intention of walking away from your Nasty Nurturing Mommy. You stripped naked and proudly showed me your big cock.  I tried to look away but my desire was unmistakable.  My sons big cock made my mommy pussy so wet!


Nasty Nurturing Mommy wants her sons cock so bad!

When you saw my desire you knew you had to fuck me. My lips salivating at the sight of your hard young dick. You pinned me down on the bed. Kissing me with smoldering deep kisses. Rubbing my big soft breasts. Sucking on my hard mature nipples. Letting your fingers wander between my legs. Finger fucking my hot mature cunt until I came.


Nasty Nurturing Mommy is ready for your call!

I couldn’t help but take all of you in. My incest cunt got so wet with anticipation. It had been years since mommy had been properly fucked. I tried to fight it at first. But our incestuous sex felt so good. Your big hard cock so much bigger than my husbands (your fathers). Sliding in and out of my mature pussy. Bottoming out balls deep inside me.


Nasty Nurturing Mommy makes you cum hard!

“Yes please don’t stop!” Mommy needs your  big dick. You had no intention of stopping. Fucking your hot wet mommy’s pussy hard & deep.  Making love to me the way I had always dreamed sex would be. Feeling every inch of you thrusting inside my pussy. Hearing mommy  moaning as she cums on your  cock. Looking into mommy’s eyes as her eyes roll back during an orgasm.


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