Mother Son Phone Sex

Mother Son Phone Sex fulfills our incest desires.

During Mother Son Phone Sex our incest desires got fulfilled. Mommy & you went to a wedding together. I had watched you grow into the handsome man you are today. Fitting you in a tux got mommy so wet & aroused. Seeing how hard your dick became whenever mommy helped tailor your trousers.


No one can stop our desire for incest Phone Sex!

Getting my hands closer & closer to your forbidden man hood. Your cock rising as you watched me try on dresses. Mommy looks so hot in every thing she tries on. Then I took you to Victoria Secret. To help me pick out what goes on under my dress. Knowing you would become aroused. Just another way of teasing you.


You tried not to give in to your forbidden desires.

Of course I didn’t model those for you. Leaving something to tease your imagination. All you can think about is me. During the entire flight you do your best to hide your erection. Your thoughts filled with dirty desires for mommy. Wondering what mommy must look like in her lingerie. While trying not to let mommy see your erection.

Mother Son Phone Sex teases your young  virgin dick.

Once we landed at our destination we were pressed for time. Rushing to our hotel to get changed. They only had one room. You & mother will be sharing a bed tonight. Mommy tells you to change in the bathroom. Wanting to peek you linger just a moment. Seeing mommy’s clothing drop to the floor. Taking in mothers naked form from behind.

How badly you wanted me!

We arrived to the wedding during Mother Son Phone Sex. You looked ever the handsome  gentleman. Mommy was beautiful in her long red dress. Your eyes taking in mommy’s curves. The low cut of her top with her cleavage spilling over. Her long legs in her hot red open toe stiletto’s. Mamma is the hottest woman in your eyes. A true mature Goddess.


Your Beautiful mommy!

Mommy got all dolled up for this wedding. French tip manicure & pedicure makes mommy look so elegant. My hair highlighted and coifed just so. Those silky nude stockings peering under my dress. You can see my panty lines whenever I bend over. Staring at me every chance you got.


Mother Son Phone Sex is all you ever wanted.

Mother Son Phone Sex  was all we ever wanted. When it came time to dance mommy had one too many drinks. You enjoyed slow dancing with mommy. My body so close to yours. I can feel your big hard young erection against my stomach. You look so handsome looking into my eyes.


Be the man Mamma needs!

As we slow dance together some of the guests notice the unusual connection between us. You’ve grown to be such an elegant handsome man. So tall strong & hot. You ignore all the other girls your age. Only having eyes for mommy! All the other pretty girls are so jealous. Why is your mother getting all your attention?


You only need mommy!

You don’t want those other girls. They could never be has hot as your sexy mommy. My womanly soft curves. Mammas feminine form & big soft breasts. That nice round ass of mammas. The only woman you want right now is me! I can feel the sexual tension between us. That forbidden lust of want & desire. Our passion grows!


Mother Son Phone Sex stokes your need for mommy’s cunt.

During Mother Son Phone Sex the power goes out. You & mommy continue to hold each other close. Mommy whispers she wants to go back to your room. Both of us drive back to our hotel. When we park the storm kicks up. You & mommy get soaked to the bone. You can’t help but enjoy the way mommy looks soaking wet.


Your need for Mother Son Phone Sex grows.

You can see my lingerie peeking through my dress. My clothing skin tight against my skin. Trying to hide your erection is impossible. Your big hard dick is making a tent in your pants. We dash into our hotel room wet from the rain. Desperate to get dry and warm.


Mother undresses you.

When you & mommy enter your room mommy begins to undress you. Helping you out of your jacket, shirt & pants. You slide off your underwear exposing your young erect dick. Mommy asks for your help out of her dress. You unzip the back watching in wonder as it falls to floor.

Mother Son Phone Sex makes your  young incest cock hard.

Mother Son Phone Sex heats up. Your cock stiffens at the sight of mommy out of her dress. Mommy is wearing a gorgeous corset top. Making her big beautiful breasts extra perky. You help mommy out of her wet white silky panties. Leaving on her white corset & nude stockings and hot red stiletto’s heels.


Mamma shows you everything.

When mother bends over to pull her panties down you get a full view of my ass. My ass & pussy in full view. Your mouth waters as your cock stiffens. Imagining how good your cock is going to feel deep inside me. Mommy lingers bent over for a moment. Your young cock drips with precum.


Cum kiss your mother!

Mommy has the prettiest pussy. Her soft hair covers her motherly maternal mound. You began to stare at your mothers cunt. Dick rising to the occasion. Your young cock dripping pre cum. Mamma pulls you close & kisses you. Having waited for this moment so long. Mother loves having you so close!


Mother Son Phone Sex takes your virginity.

Mother Son Phone Sex drives you crazy. Mamma presses her wet hairy mound against your young dick. Looking deep in your eyes kissing you softly. Telling you how badly she needs you. It’s been so long since mother has been made love to. Your virgin cock is calling to mommy.


Mamma needs you so bad.

Reaching down massaging your cock. You begin to moan as mommy strokes your dick. “That feels so good mommy” you say. “Mommy is going to make you a man tonight honey” I reply. Your full balls begin to ache in anticipation.  Mommy takes your throbbing dick inside herself. You both begin to make sweet love.


Mothers Pussy feels so good.

Mothers pussy feels so good. You can’t help but moan for mommy. Thrusting your strong young hips toward me. Begging mommy not to stop. Delighting in mamma riding your hard erect cock. Breeding mothers warm wet vagina with your hard young penis.


Call me for Mother Son Phone Sex!

Mommy knows what you long for. I am going to seduce your young cock tonight. Daddy will never find out. It’s our little secret what happens in our hotel room. Mothers hot wet hairy pussy is so tempting. Her lips on your yours. Wet dripping pussy grinding against your virgin dick. Call me now for Mother Son Phone Sex!


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Nasty Nurturing Mommy

Nasty Nurturing Mommy


Nasty Nurturing Mommy makes you feel good!

Nasty Nurturing Mommy always makes you feel good. You’ve watched me all your life. When I got divorced it secretly made you so happy because now I  was all yours. All those years of me walking around in those sexy nighties. Now you could finally make your move.


Nasty Nurturing Mommy teased you all this time!

Mommy has been teasing you for years. Wearing the skimpiest clothing. Walking around the house in sheer nighties. Leaving the door open when she undresses & showers. Sometimes Mommy forgets to close her door at night. Allowing you to hear her sweet moans as she touchers herself


Nasty Nurturing Mommy is so hot!

Seducing your Nasty Nurturing Mommy was almost too easy. All those long nights got lonely as I watched you grow into a man. You continued to spend more and more time with me. Leaning on you for things I shouldn’t have. You became my confidant and my best friend. But one evening you decided you wanted more.


Tonight was the night for Nasty Nurturing Mommy phone sex

You treated me to a good meal. Finishing off the evening with a night cap of a good bottle of wine. I knew you were spending the night. Understanding you would be sleeping in the guest room. Imagine my surprise when you come into my room. Having no intention of spending another night away from me. Your dirty desires for mommy unreturned.


Give your cock to  your Nasty Nurturing Mommy!

You came into my room and refused to leave. I told you that I was heading to bed and you should also. You had no intention of walking away from your Nasty Nurturing Mommy. You stripped naked and proudly showed me your big cock.  I tried to look away but my desire was unmistakable.  My sons big cock made my mommy pussy so wet!


Nasty Nurturing Mommy wants her sons cock so bad!

When you saw my desire you knew you had to fuck me. My lips salivating at the sight of your hard young dick. You pinned me down on the bed. Kissing me with smoldering deep kisses. Rubbing my big soft breasts. Sucking on my hard mature nipples. Letting your fingers wander between my legs. Finger fucking my hot mature cunt until I came.


Nasty Nurturing Mommy is ready for your call!

I couldn’t help but take all of you in. My incest cunt got so wet with anticipation. It had been years since mommy had been properly fucked. I tried to fight it at first. But our incestuous sex felt so good. Your big hard cock so much bigger than my husbands (your fathers). Sliding in and out of my mature pussy. Bottoming out balls deep inside me.


Nasty Nurturing Mommy makes you cum hard!

“Yes please don’t stop!” Mommy needs your  big dick. You had no intention of stopping. Fucking your hot wet mommy’s pussy hard & deep.  Making love to me the way I had always dreamed sex would be. Feeling every inch of you thrusting inside my pussy. Hearing mommy  moaning as she cums on your  cock. Looking into mommy’s eyes as her eyes roll back during an orgasm.


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Naughty mommy has a craving for your young cum. Call me for more Nasty Nurturing Mommy Phone Sex! I might fight it at first but of course I will give in. Mommy wants her big boys cock so bad! Give mommy a night she will never forget. Mommy needs your big dick! Mommy needs her sexy son to fill her up. Mommy is horny for your incest cock!

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Mother Son Phone Fuck


Mother Son Phone Fuck

Mother Son Phone Fuck is always here for you!

You had a bad day and called me for a Mother Son Phone Fuck. Tell me all about it baby. Did that mean girl reject you? How dare she talk to my good sweet boy like that. She doesn’t know you like I do. You have such a fat hard young cock!.

Rejecting you was her loss. Its ok, come to mommy and tell me all about it. We can explore all your desires in a hot & nasty Mother Son Phone Fuck! Mommy will jerk your hard dick. You don’t need those stuck up girls anymore! Give all your cum to mommy!


Mother Son Phone Fuck When you need mommy’s milky tits!

Why don’t you let mommy hug you during Mother Son Phone Fuck. I snuggle you in my arms nice and close to my breasts. I know you like it when mommy holds you and shows you all her love and care. I pull out one of my big soft milky breasts and start to feed you.

I am so nurturing. My big soft floppy breasts feel so good. Nipples more than a mouthful. It takes both hands to grab one of my big tits. Those girls don’t have big tits like mommy does. Mommy’s soft curvy body always gets your dick so hard!


Mother Son Phone Fuck Caters to your desires.

Cum to mommy for a Mother Son Phone Fuck. Even after all these years you still love to suck on mommies big milky tits. My mothers milk flows into your mouth as you lick and suck upon my nipples. Cradling one big soft breast in your hand as you begin to stroke your big hard cock.

It’s ok mommy will rub that dick for you. Be a good boy & relax while mommy takes care of everything. Mommy is going to coax all those cummies out of your balls. All you have to do is look at mommy & suck her tits. Letting mommy do all the work. Making your cock & balls feel so good!


Mother Son Phone Fuck helps you relax!

Your a good boy for Mother Son Phone Fuck aren’t you? Always asking mommy for Mother Son Phone Sex. It’s ok to bring your big hard dick to mommy. Mommy loves your hard swollen fuck meat. Why don’t you lay back and relax. Mommy will stroke your big hard dick as you suck on my big milky tits.

Stroking your hard young man meat up & down. You moan so good for mommy. Thrusting your young hips up & down. Your young balls getting so full of cum! Ready to explode for mommy. Of course mommy can always give you a blow job. Would you like that baby? A nice warm blow job from mommy?


Mommy helps you cum during Mother Son Phone Fuck .

Want your cock sucked during Mother Son Phone Fuck? Oh my did you want mommy to suck your cock instead? Why don’t you sit on the couch let mommy help you. I get on my knees sucking your big hard dick. Your eyes get so wide as your cock slides in and out of mommy’s mouth.

Mommy loves sucking your big cock. She isn’t selfish like those snotty girls. She knows her big boy needs lots of affection & attention. Its ok to use mommy’s mouth. You can turn on porn while mommy sucks your dick. You can watch mommy suck your cock & watch mommy on the tv too.


Mommy takes every inch during Mother Son Phone Fuck.

Mommy moaning as she sucks your big dick during our Mother Son Phone Fuck! It’s ok you can feed your big dick to mommy. Watch how deep mommy takes every inch of your big hard cock! when mommy starts licking your ass and balls you get really hard. ” Oh mommy that feels so good”, you reply!

Mommy loves sucking your big boy cock. Your such a good boy honey. Thats it give your big dick to mommy. Mommy is so hungry for your cum. It’s ok to fuck mommy’s face. Push mommy’s head down on your cock. Make mommy deepthroat your cock. Mommy loves her sons big young cock!


Mother Son Phone Fuck lets you fuck mommy!

Mommy feels so good for a Mother Son Phone Fuck! Those girls at school could never fuck you like I do. Mommy knows just how to make you cum. Why don’t you get on top of mommy. Mommy will lay back and spread her legs for you. My mature pussy feels so good.

My wet slick pussy gripping your dick. Looking deep into mommy’s eyes as you fuck me nice & deep. Pushing your big boy cock in and out. Stirring up my insides during Incest Phone Sex. You don’t need those other women honey. Mommy will always be here to fuck you!


Mother Son Phone Fuck feels so good!

You love a good Mother Son Phone Fuck in  mommy’s wet  juicy cunt. My hairy pussy feels so good against your balls. Slide your hard young dick into mommy. Suck on mommy’s big tits as you fuck me. Oh your big boy dick feels so good. Mommy’s kitty needs your hard young cock!

Mommy loves making love to her special boy. Watching you grow into a man is my biggest accomplishment. Your cock is so much bigger than daddies. Now that I’m divorced we can do whatever we want. No more hiding behind daddies back. We have this big house all to ourselves!


Give me your cum during Mother Son Phone Fuck!

Mommy holds onto you as you thrust faster and faster. What a good boy you are for Mother Son Phone Fuck! Giving mommy every inch of your dick. It’s ok to cum in mommy. Mommy loves feeling her good sweet boy ejaculate in her hot wet vagina.

Push your cock deeper in mommy.  What a good boy you are! Fucking mommy’s incest cunt! Thats it baby, fuck mommy deeper. Mommy always encourages you to fuck her hot wet pussy. You love how mommies cunt grips your dick. Mommy kisses you nice & deep on the mouth. You love fucking mommy so much don’t you?


Cum hard for mommy during Mother Son Phone Fuck

You cum so hard for mommy. Your young dick throbs as you cry out for your mother. We French kiss as you pump the last of your sperm into my incest cunt. When you lay back to rest mommy gets on her hands and knees and licks all your cum up. Mother is so hungry for her sons sperm. Licking my lips as I devour your sweet young cum!

You can’t believe what a dirty slut mommy is. Your young dick gets hard all over again. You want to fuck mommy all night long! Fucking mommy in all her pretty pink holes. What a good boy you are! Thats it fuck mommy harder! Breed mommies hot wet pussy! Bend mommy over & take her tight ass too. Mommy always takes care of her special boy!

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Mother Son Roleplay

Mother Son Roleplay Phone Sex

How do you like your Mother Son Roleplay  ?

Have a hard dick and nowhere to put it? Those girls don’t know your secret do they? They don’t know what a great big hard cock you have but I do. I hear you stroke it every day after school and on the weekends.

Mommy knows you’ve been in you room beating your meat. Trolling the internet for porn. Seeking dirty videos to stroke your cock to. Jerking off for hours at a time. Your young dick insatiable for  stimulation. Stroking your shaft up & down over & over for hours. Moaning grunting and groaning my name until you cum.


Mother Son Roleplay helps horny boys cum for mommy!

All the other boys are out getting pussy but your home watching porn in your room jerking off all alone. Momma Susan Can’t let her horny boy stroke that big bone alone. Cum to mommy with  your hard shaft so I can show you how to use your big cock.

Mommy can hear you moaning through the vents. Whenever I go by your bedroom door I can her you. Wet slapping sounds of your lotion covered dick as you jerk off. Whenever I peak in your room I can see you. Jerking off hard & fast nice & sweaty moaning. Full of lust & desire as your hormones go crazy.


Mother Son Roleplay teases your desire for mommy’s cunt!

I sneak in sometimes and watch you rub that beast between your legs. Mommy knows your throbbing desires. Lately I have been  teasing you when your home. Walking around in lingerie or nothing but sexy panties.

Knowing how crazy this is going to drive you. Your hard dick throbbing in your pants. Erection pressing into your underwear. Precum dripping down your shaft. Balls so full of cum. Trying so hard to maintain your composure.


Mother Son Roleplay makes you want mommy more.

Leaving my door open when I shower and undress. Bending over to clean your room with no panties on. Leaning over to hand you dinner as my cleavage is in plain view. I even leave my dirty panties around the house for you to find

Knowing your going to collect them. It must have felt like a treasure hunt. Finding mommy’s dirty silk panties everywhere. I bet you sniffed every single pair. Some of them went missing. Returning later full of your cum. Did you think I wouldn’t know my dirty panties went missing. Then re-appearing with thick creamy cum in them. Wrapped in a towel and put delicately in the hamper.


Mother Son Roleplay tempts you into giving in to mommy.

I tease you all the time now. Almost immediately after my teasing you are off to your room to jerk off your big dick.  This was part of my plan to groom you for Mother Son Roleplay Phone Sex. Making you want mommy all the time. Turning you on until you have to release all that tension.  Tempting you into giving in to your desires.

I know you jerk off in my panties. Soaking the crotch with your young cum. Then hiding what you’ve done. Thinking Mommy has no idea. Of course I know my horny boy found mommy’s panties. Mommy left those panties for you to find on purpose. Knowing how much fun you would have with them.


Mother Son Roleplay makes you want more.

I pretend I don’t know what your up during Mother Son Roleplay. to but I can hear you moaning my name as you stroke your big bone for mommy. So I hatch a plan during a lonely Saturday night. A plan to make everything all better. First I send you out to work hard in the yard all day.

Mother Son Roleplay lets you get down & dirty!

Then when you come in all dirty for Mother Son Roleplay. Sweaty mommy offers to draw you a bath. Your so sore from all your hard work. Its ok mommy will draw you  a nice warm bath and rub your shoulders. Then mommy  will accidently get her shirt wet so she has to take it off.

You hunger for Mother Son Roleplay! You get so excited looking at mommy’s cleavage as I lean over and rub your shoulders. Your big cock stands straight up in the water. You turn red and get very embarrassed when Mommy see’s your big erection.


Mother Son Roleplay lets mommy take care of your cock!

Let mommy console your big dick. Lets soap up with mommy in the bathtub. I will make your sweaty cock nice and  clean for you. Want to soap mommy up too? We can bathe together! Mommy is warm wet horny and ready for you! Lets find out what happens next when we play! Call me for Mother Son Roleplay Phone Sex! 

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