Phone Sex Therapy

Phone Sex Therapy

Welcome to Phone Sex Therapy.

Welcome to Phone Sex Therapy. I am honored to be that gentle voice you confess to. I will never judge you no matter what you tell me. We can discuss anything your heart desires. Some of my gentleman really like me to be their dirty mommy.

Do you sneak into my room and play with mommy’s titties? Slide my panties to the side and sneak a lick? Or does mommy come into your room before bed. Giving you a special massage under the covers.

Your young cock rises to the occasion. Mommy rubs your dick up and down. Swallowing every drop sending you to bed with a smile. I can also be your strict mommy. Making you eat my cunt until I cum in your mouth.



Phone Sex Therapy is a safe place to confess.

Phone Sex Therapy is a safe place to share your fantasies. Even the really naughty taboo ones.   Tell me the first time you knew you were a panty lover. Who’s dirty panties did you steal first? Did you sniff and lick them? Did you jerk off in them or keep them as a souvenir.

Some of you might want to wear my panties. Submitting to my strapon dick. Begging me to fuck your prostate. Allowing me to bend you over and milk your dick as I fuck your ass.  It’s ok to admit your desires. Here there is zero judgment.


Lets enjoy during Phone Sex Therapy together.

We can enjoy Phone Sex Therapy roleplays together. Indulge in all the naughty fetishes you dream of . Long for race play? Does your hot Jewess or White wife love big black dick? Long to see her tight pink pussy stretched out by big dark dick?

How greedy is your hot wife? Maybe she loves a good gang bang. Or does she not have a choice in the matter. Maybe you roofie her drink and tie her down to a bed or table. So you and your friends can fuck her all night long in every single hole.

Perhaps you long to make a submissive lick your wife’s hot creampie. Or maybe that dirty creampie licker is you? Perhaps you taste your own cum like a good boy! Maybe you just want some guided masturbation instead. Or we can make it mutual and cum together!


We can talk about anything during Phone Sex Therapy.

Phone Sex Therapy allows you to experience your forbidden desires. Explore all the naughty adventures you crave. Tell me about your horny fantasies about your wife and her furry friend.

What a good boy he is….stabbing away at her pussy with his hard dick. Knotting up deep inside her. She pushes back on his hard dick greedily. Using his angry red cock as she watches her porn. His cock head explodes as she throbs all around him.

Her entire body is covered in sweat.  Laying on her back inviting her fun friend between her legs again. Rubbing her pussy with something tasty. So he will lick her cunt with his long tongue. Lulling her to orgasm once again.


Enjoy the full Phone Sex Therapy experience.

It’s ok to touch yourself during Phone Sex Therapy. Mutual masturbation is always encouraged during our session. We can bring our toys. I have a vibrator do you? Want to hear me use it? Long to hear me fuck my wet pussy with my dildo?

You might enjoy a good hard stroke. Or do you have a love doll perhaps. Some of my gentleman use cock strokers. Some cock strokers give the sensation of getting real head. Don’t be shy and bring all your toys.

Be sure to get your hands on my hard core picture set. Available for automatic download. Then you can look deep into my hair cunt and fat ass. I am spread nice and wide for you in my pictures. Leaving nothing to the imagination.


Phone Sex Therapy helps you relax.

Don’t hold back during our Phone Sex Therapy sessions. Confess everything you have never told another soul. I will be that one person you can everything to. No matter how taboo you like it. No matter how dirty the desire. Call me for Phone Sex Therapy!

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Horny Kissing Cousin


Horny Kissing Cousin

Horny Kissing Cousin Phone Sex fulfills your fantasies.

Growing up I had a Horny Kissing Cousin. We spent alot of time together just hanging out alone. Getting to know each other on a deep level. My first kiss was with my cousin. Their lips pressed on mine. All those hormones taking hold as they slipped me some tongue.

I was very attracted to my cousin growing up. His strong rippling muscles. He was so tall and strong. His cock really filled out his jeans. Being a city girl visiting him on his dads farm was a real treat. He wasn’t like the other guys I knew at school. My cousin was mysterious and sexy.

I remember the first time we jumped in the swimming hole together he got very aroused. He couldn’t hide his hard dick rising to attention in his swimming trunks. There was alot of sexual tension that day. We ended up making out in the stable that day. His hard incest dick pressed up against me.

Confide your Horny Kissing Cousin desires to me!

What are your deep Horny Kissing Cousin desires? Who doesn’t love a bit of family fun! Incest is a hot phone sex fantasy I love to enjoy with you. Did you find yourself curious about your cousin growing up? I can be that naughty cousin that satisfies your sexual curiosity!

When did you first know you were turned on by your cousin? Did they pay you lots of compliments? Did you both spend lots of time together? Ever see them undressed or naked? Want me to be the mature older cousin who takes advantage of you? Taking your virgin cock inside me and teaching you about sex?

Long to be my older cousin who seduces me into begging for your incest dick? Teaching me about the birds & the bees? Or do we innocently fall into bed together in the hot throes of passion? Exploring each others bodies & having our first sexual experience with each other.

Horny Kissing Cousin Turns me on.

Want me to be your Horny Kissing Cousin? Our sexual tension builds up slow over time. Getting hotter and hotter with every accidental touch. Every brush of skin against each other arousing us more. Especially when we go camping alone together.

No parents around to stop us. Doing whatever we want in the middle of the night. No one can hear us out in the woods! No one can hear our moans of our young lust! Your incest cock deep inside my hot virgin pussy. Popping your cousins Hymen as your deep inside me! In the woods in the dark together!


What are your Horny Kissing Cousin desires?

Have you always wanted a Horny Kissing Cousin? What starts out as platonic family becomes steamy passionate sex! Forbidden Sexual arousal for your cousin sets fire to your loins. You just can’t help yourself! I feel the same way too! We can’t keep our hands off each other!

Always flirting & eyeing each other every chance we get! Having dirty dreams about what it would be like to be with me? Want to live out your fantasies? Now’s your chance to explore all your dirty desires! I will keep even your most taboo phone sex secrets!


Do you have a Horny Kissing Cousin in real life?

Did you have a Horny Kissing Cousin you got to play with? How far did you go with your cousin? Were you both just curious about the opposite sex? Was your cousin always around you growing up? What happens with family stays with family! Pinky swear I’ll keep all your secrets!

Did you both secretly flirt with each other?  Did your forbidden flirting ever move to the next level?  Did you both end up in a naughty situation while partying or getting high or drunk? How far did you get with your cousin? Did things go farther than just flirting and kissing?

Did you find yourselves  sneaking off from a family gathering? Did she constantly give you a boner at every occasion. Did you find yourself  rock hard whenever you both hugged? Your cock pointing straight up and resting against her stomach. Making you both sneak off during a family BBQ to go fuck in the woods!


Tell me all your Horny Kissing Cousin experiences now!

Tell me all the naughty things you and your Horny Kissing Cousin did! I can’t wait for you to confess all your dirty deeds to me! I can be that hot & dirty cousin your smitten with! We can be teenagers attracted to each other.  Longing to be more than just family & cousins.

Dominated by erotic thoughts about each other. Until one day we can’t hide our desires anymore! We are always horny! I always see you walking around with a huge erection. Your hard on pushing against your pants! We get to see even more of each other when we go to the beach in our swim suits.

Sometimes we got to the changing room together. Where you get to see me change out of my swimsuit into my cloths. Afforded with so many opportunities to see each other naked head to toe. Sneaking around to get a peak at each others bodies!

I can be your innocent cousin or a total slut! Do we come from strict families where we feel sexually repressed? Stumbling upon our sexuality together! Exploring the hidden taboos of forbidden Incest lust? Secretly exploring some sexual perversions perhaps? Embarking on a bit of exhibitionism and voyeurism?


Call me for Horny Kissing Cousin Phone Sex! 1-888-726-2391                                                                   

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Mother Son Phone Sex

Mother Son Phone Sex fulfills our incest desires.

During Mother Son Phone Sex our incest desires got fulfilled. Mommy & you went to a wedding together. I had watched you grow into the handsome man you are today. Fitting you in a tux got mommy so wet & aroused. Seeing how hard your dick became whenever mommy helped tailor your trousers.


No one can stop our desire for incest Phone Sex!

Getting my hands closer & closer to your forbidden man hood. Your cock rising as you watched me try on dresses. Mommy looks so hot in every thing she tries on. Then I took you to Victoria Secret. To help me pick out what goes on under my dress. Knowing you would become aroused. Just another way of teasing you.


You tried not to give in to your forbidden desires.

Of course I didn’t model those for you. Leaving something to tease your imagination. All you can think about is me. During the entire flight you do your best to hide your erection. Your thoughts filled with dirty desires for mommy. Wondering what mommy must look like in her lingerie. While trying not to let mommy see your erection.

Mother Son Phone Sex teases your young  virgin dick.

Once we landed at our destination we were pressed for time. Rushing to our hotel to get changed. They only had one room. You & mother will be sharing a bed tonight. Mommy tells you to change in the bathroom. Wanting to peek you linger just a moment. Seeing mommy’s clothing drop to the floor. Taking in mothers naked form from behind.

How badly you wanted me!

We arrived to the wedding during Mother Son Phone Sex. You looked ever the handsome  gentleman. Mommy was beautiful in her long red dress. Your eyes taking in mommy’s curves. The low cut of her top with her cleavage spilling over. Her long legs in her hot red open toe stiletto’s. Mamma is the hottest woman in your eyes. A true mature Goddess.


Your Beautiful mommy!

Mommy got all dolled up for this wedding. French tip manicure & pedicure makes mommy look so elegant. My hair highlighted and coifed just so. Those silky nude stockings peering under my dress. You can see my panty lines whenever I bend over. Staring at me every chance you got.


Mother Son Phone Sex is all you ever wanted.

Mother Son Phone Sex  was all we ever wanted. When it came time to dance mommy had one too many drinks. You enjoyed slow dancing with mommy. My body so close to yours. I can feel your big hard young erection against my stomach. You look so handsome looking into my eyes.


Be the man Mamma needs!

As we slow dance together some of the guests notice the unusual connection between us. You’ve grown to be such an elegant handsome man. So tall strong & hot. You ignore all the other girls your age. Only having eyes for mommy! All the other pretty girls are so jealous. Why is your mother getting all your attention?


You only need mommy!

You don’t want those other girls. They could never be has hot as your sexy mommy. My womanly soft curves. Mammas feminine form & big soft breasts. That nice round ass of mammas. The only woman you want right now is me! I can feel the sexual tension between us. That forbidden lust of want & desire. Our passion grows!


Mother Son Phone Sex stokes your need for mommy’s cunt.

During Mother Son Phone Sex the power goes out. You & mommy continue to hold each other close. Mommy whispers she wants to go back to your room. Both of us drive back to our hotel. When we park the storm kicks up. You & mommy get soaked to the bone. You can’t help but enjoy the way mommy looks soaking wet.


Your need for Mother Son Phone Sex grows.

You can see my lingerie peeking through my dress. My clothing skin tight against my skin. Trying to hide your erection is impossible. Your big hard dick is making a tent in your pants. We dash into our hotel room wet from the rain. Desperate to get dry and warm.


Mother undresses you.

When you & mommy enter your room mommy begins to undress you. Helping you out of your jacket, shirt & pants. You slide off your underwear exposing your young erect dick. Mommy asks for your help out of her dress. You unzip the back watching in wonder as it falls to floor.

Mother Son Phone Sex makes your  young incest cock hard.

Mother Son Phone Sex heats up. Your cock stiffens at the sight of mommy out of her dress. Mommy is wearing a gorgeous corset top. Making her big beautiful breasts extra perky. You help mommy out of her wet white silky panties. Leaving on her white corset & nude stockings and hot red stiletto’s heels.


Mamma shows you everything.

When mother bends over to pull her panties down you get a full view of my ass. My ass & pussy in full view. Your mouth waters as your cock stiffens. Imagining how good your cock is going to feel deep inside me. Mommy lingers bent over for a moment. Your young cock drips with precum.


Cum kiss your mother!

Mommy has the prettiest pussy. Her soft hair covers her motherly maternal mound. You began to stare at your mothers cunt. Dick rising to the occasion. Your young cock dripping pre cum. Mamma pulls you close & kisses you. Having waited for this moment so long. Mother loves having you so close!


Mother Son Phone Sex takes your virginity.

Mother Son Phone Sex drives you crazy. Mamma presses her wet hairy mound against your young dick. Looking deep in your eyes kissing you softly. Telling you how badly she needs you. It’s been so long since mother has been made love to. Your virgin cock is calling to mommy.


Mamma needs you so bad.

Reaching down massaging your cock. You begin to moan as mommy strokes your dick. “That feels so good mommy” you say. “Mommy is going to make you a man tonight honey” I reply. Your full balls begin to ache in anticipation.  Mommy takes your throbbing dick inside herself. You both begin to make sweet love.


Mothers Pussy feels so good.

Mothers pussy feels so good. You can’t help but moan for mommy. Thrusting your strong young hips toward me. Begging mommy not to stop. Delighting in mamma riding your hard erect cock. Breeding mothers warm wet vagina with your hard young penis.


Call me for Mother Son Phone Sex!

Mommy knows what you long for. I am going to seduce your young cock tonight. Daddy will never find out. It’s our little secret what happens in our hotel room. Mothers hot wet hairy pussy is so tempting. Her lips on your yours. Wet dripping pussy grinding against your virgin dick. Call me now for Mother Son Phone Sex!


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Cheating Wife

Does your Cheating Wife love BBC?

Cheating Wife One of my callers Horny Cheating Wife  loves BBC. She is a hot and horny Jew who always loved big black dick.

Always wearing tight jeans and teasing all the black men in their social circle with her big round ass.

All their neighbors can’t help but look at how hot she is in her right jeans and shorts. Her round Jewish ass and her gorgeous brown exotic eyes and curly hair. The way she sways when she walks. Classy, Seductive and Exotic!

Does your Cheating Wife get a thrill from getting what she wants?

He confessed how much knowing that his Cheating Wife loves BBC turns him on! Her Jew cunt has always hungered for those big black dicks in college.  Now that they are married she spends her pampered days spending her husbands money. Enjoying big black cocks every chance she gets.

Do you fantasize about your Cheating Wife fucking big black dick?

His Cheating Wife is always on the prowl! Whenever her husband is at work she opens her secret book. Calling over one of her many well hung friends over to play. She gets on her knees and milks those big black dicks with her  eager mouth. Bending over and taking their big dark shiny cocks in her wet hairy Jew cunt.

 Cheating Wife Phone Sex can be very hot!

His horny Cheating Wife loves BBC still to this day! His gorgeous Jewess wife loves control! She knew her best friends man wanted her! When he offered to eat her hot Jew cunt in the back of his car how could she refuse?  He devoured her pretty Jew pussy like a fine wine. Going back to his girlfriend (her best friend) and fucking her hard! Kissing her with the same lips he ate that hot Jew pussy with !

Your  Cheating Wife loves getting what she wants!

His Cheating Wife loves BBC! She loves knowing that her best friends man is turned on by her hairy jew cunt! Her friend spilled the beans on how hard he fucked her when he came home. She confessed she thought she smelled pussy on his breathe. Was it her imagination that she smelled another woman’s cunt on his lips?


Call me for Cheating Wife  Phone Sex!

After tasting her Jew cunt his dick was rock hard! The way he forced her friend down & fucked her like an animal. She had no idea that he was aroused by the same bestie she was confiding in. The same horny Cheating Wife who used him for his hungry mouth. He ate that exotic hairy Jew cunt knowing she would never fuck him! She just wanted to know he wanted her Jew cunt more than her friends pussy!

When she does fuck big black dick she dominates! Getting on top & taking that big dark dick for her own! What a thrill luring big black cock into her pussy to play! Creaming  & cumming all over it! Grinding & grunting until she gets her thrill!


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Sexy Stepmother Phone Sex

Sexy Stepmother Phone Sex


Sexy Stepmother Phone Sex fulfills your fantasies!

Sexy Stepmother Phone Sex lets you take advantage of your mom. Your very hot horny drunk mom is yours for the taking! Your stepmother dresses like such a slut in a conservative way. Those French manicured nails and well coifed hair aren’t fooling you.

Her well manicured toes that slide in her open toed stiletto’s. Her lingerie from her silk panties to her stockings & garters. She seduced your father away from your mom. She knew exactly what she was doing. Enticing him into marrying her. It’s obvious Your stepmom is your dads trophy wife.


Sexy Stepmother Phone Sex lets you fuck mommy hard!

Wanting Sexy Stepmother Phone Sex? You see how she takes in random strange men to her bed when your dads gone. Every time your dad goes away on business  Horny Stepmother Susan entertains strange dick! She starts to drink her mommy juice(wine) and then calls up a friend to keep her company(Fuck).

Your dad has no idea what a whore his new wife is. Why would you tell him? When you can exploit the situation for your own desires! Fulfilling your need to get back at your dad. While fucking your stepmom’s hot cunt & ass. The best part is she drinks so much she will never remember. Even if she does you have enough evidence to black mail her with!


Sexy Stepmother Phone Sex turns you on!

Tonight is going to be different. You hid dirty mommy‘s cell phone and took away her car keys and turned off the router/modem that controls the phone and internet. No emailing or calling any special friends for mommy. You come into the kitchen to find mommy drinking her mommy juice again!


Seduce me during Sexy Stepmother Phone Sex!

You turn on a bit of music and dance with mommy. Grinding up against her during Sexy Stepmother Phone Sex. Encouraging her to drink until she feels dizzy. Will you help her to her room? Of course you will. What a good step son you are. Except once sexy mommy passes out you are going to help her right out of those cloths aren’t you?  You dirty dirty boy!


Take advantage of Sexy Stepmother Phone Sex.

Of course after you take your pictures your going to set up a camera and film everything your doing to Step mommy. Kissing her neck, sucking on her breasts and rubbing your cock all over her face and mature cunt! Then while mommy’s legs are spread nice and wide its time to delve deep. Taking your time nice and slow fucking mommy’s  pussy.


Sexy Stepmother Phone Sex fulfills your desires!

How long you have dreamed of the moment you would finally get to fuck your stepmothers mature cunt. Her mature cunt is so nice and wet. soft hair rubbing up against your balls as you drive your young cock deep inside. Satisfaction knowing your fucking your dads wife. Fucking your stepmother with a cock longer thicker and harder than your dads dick!


Sexy Stepmother Phone Sex makes you cum!

Soon, your stepmother begins to wake up. Sexy Stepmother Phone Sex feels so good you can’t stop! You keep fucking her nice and slow. Imagine stepmother Susan’s surprise as she wakes up orgasming on her stepsons young cock! Of course still drunk she falls back to sleep.


Sexy Stepmother Phone Sex is what dreams are made of!

You smile and go to bed after Sexy Stepmother Phone Sex. The next morning she asks you where you were, telling you she had the weirdest dream. You tell her you weren’t home leaving her completely confused. Content that you got away with fucking your horny stepmother and she thinks its just a dream. Or was it?


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Freaky Phone Sex

Freaky Phone Sex

Freaky Phone Sex lets you live out your fantasies!

Are you into Freaky Phone Sex?  Want mommy to teach you about the birds and bees? Maybe you have a little dick and want to get it wet? Do I catch you putting on my panties and heels? Are you a sissy slut who likes to cross dress for mommy. Wanting mommy’s strapon in your back pussy?


Freaky Phone Sex lets you be cock curious.

Or do you prefer real dick in your pretty pink holes! Do you need daddy to come & Fuck you. Violating your mouth & ass during Freaky Phone Sex. What a naughty boy you are. Needing daddy’s dick down your throat. Want daddy to bend you over & fuck you. Mommy spreads your cheeks & makes you take it.


How freaky do you want your Freaky Phone Sex?

What if you want two daddies at once? Mommy can let two daddies take advantage of your Freaky Phone Sex Fuck holes! One daddy pulls your pretty panties to the side. You love how they stretch your pretty pink butthole.  Fucking you one after the other. Giving you an Anal creampie for mommy to lick out!


Bend over for Freaky Phone Sex!

You love how mommies wet tongue licks you up & down. Sliding nice & deep in your      puckered ass. Licking both your kinky daddies cum out! Then you get so horny you bend mommy over & fuck her ass too. Filling mommy nice & deep giving her an anal creampie to match yours. Then licking your own cum out!


Freaky Phone Sex indulges your kinky side

Want to play dress up for me and put on a show? You could be my small dick cross dressing son who mommy pegs? Want to put on a sexy nighty for mommy during Freaky Phone Sex? Mommy can put on a strapon on and fuck you if you want! Stretching out your sissy pussy nice & wide! Getting you ready for real dick to fuck!


Freaky Phone Sex encourages you to breed mommy!

Maybe your not cock curious & you don’t want to share mommy. Want to breed mommy & impregnate her? Filling mommy’s incest pussy with your big boy dick? Shooting lots of cum into me. Making me moan with pleasure. Your such a naughty boy! It’s ok to fuck mommy! What a good boy you are.

Freaky Phone Sex has no limits!

Maybe you want to watch mommy pee while you jerk off? Or does mommy suck your dick while she pees? Freaky Phone Sex can get really nasty . Mommy could take you into the dressing room or bathroom with her. No one has to know that your dick got so hard in the store. Of course mommy loves to make you feel good no matter where she is.

Freaky Phone Sex has no taboos.

Mommy  gave you Freaky Phone Sex in the store. Mommy had to take care of  your hard dick. It’s ok put your ear buds in and watch that porn mommy made for you on her phone. Watch mommy and daddy fuck while mommy takes your cock in her mouth and drains it. Watching home made porn staring mommy while she sucks your dick dry!


Freaky Phone Sex feels good!

Perhaps you’d rather play in the bath with mommy? Mommy wraps her arms around you and cleans your cock real good. I know you need attention. Your girlfriend isn’t ready yet but mommy is. Mommy’s soapy hands feel so good giving you a special cock massage. Your fingers explore mommy’s pussy! Mommy’s pussy loves when you fuck me!


Freak Phone Sex always satisfies!

Mommy will help you get rid of all that tension. Just lay back on mommy’s naked wet boobies while she jerks you off real good! Thats  a good boy! Cum for mommy honey! Mommy will always make you feel good during Freaky Phone Sex.

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Mommy Gangbanged!

Mommy Gangbanged!

Mommy Gangbanged by bullies!

Mommy Gangbanged By Bullies Phone Sex is red hot! You and mommy move to a new town. Its hard being a single mom. Mommy does the best to give you everything.  In school everyone picks on you. Your the class nerd and you get picked on every day. Talking to the counselor and the principal never works. Sadly this continues all through school.


Mommy Gangbanged when she defends you!

One day your mommy takes things into her own hands.  You try to talk her out of it but she just won’t listen. Mommy demands to sit down with your bullies to try to reason with them. Things don’t turn out the way Mommy thought they would.  Reluctantly you take your mom to the basket court where your bullies hang out.


Mommy Gangbanged when she pushes her luck!

Mommy parks your old van out front and stomps onto the court. She asks them to come talk to her. They humor her and point at you and laugh. Mommy tells them to stop picking on you or else she will punish them herself. Then having her say she takes you back to the van. However things don’t go as planned.


Mommy Gangbanged by surprise!

When mommy and you get back to the van your bullies surround you both. Forcing the two of you into the back of the van. Holding you down as they strip your mommy and make her take their hard dicks. You watch your Mommy Gangbanged By Bullies!


Mommy Gangbanged Makes your dick hard!

All your bullies take advantage of your mommy! Making her suck and fuck them one after the other while you watch. Laughing as they fuck and rape your mommy right in front of you. Making you watch as they fuck your mothers cunt one after the other.


 Mommy Gangbanged starts out as forced roleplay!

At first mommy tries to fight them off. But then she starts to enjoy all these hard young dicks. Then it goes from your bullies raping mommy to giving her pleasure. Mommy starts begging for their cocks. Cumming on their hard young cocks one after the other. This confuses you but makes your cock rock hard.


Mommy Gangbanged entices you with her creampie!

After your bullies leave you comfort your mommy and lick all their cum out of her creampie cunt. Mommy cums so hard as you lick out her creampie. Mommy takes out your dick and sucks it. You cum so hard in mommy’s mouth after licking out her creampie full of your bullies cum.


Mommy Gangbanged pussy is wet & slick!

Mommy’s pussy is so wet & slick. After you lick mommy’s cunt & cum in her mouth you want more! Your cock gets so hard all over again! Mommy tries to tell you no but you can’t stop! Forcing your mommy’s legs apart. Making mommy take your dick! Forcing your young cock inside mommy. Pushing & thrusting your incest dick inside mommy.


You can’t stop fucking her pussy after  Mommy Gangbanged hard!

At first Mommy tells you to stop but she can’t help but like it. Mommy is a little whore at heart. Your young incest dick feels so good. Sliding in and out of mommy. Thats it fuck mommy’s cunt real good! Then put mommy on her back & fuck her ass hole too. Give mommy a nice wet full anal creampie.


Make mommy scream after Mommy Gangbanged!

Make mommy moan & scream with pleasure. Then Every day invite all your friends from class over to fuck mommy’s cunt! Mommy might protest at first. But you know exactly how to make mommy like it. Mommy loves being gang banged deep down! She might say no at first but mommy wants more!


Mommy Gangbanged makes you want more!

The next day The bullies don’t bully you anymore. Instead they follow you home to fuck your mom. Your dick gets hard as you watch your Mommy Gangbanged By Bullies! Your mom who eagerly takes all their young hard cocks as wells your own for gang bang phone sex!

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Nasty Nurturing Mommy

Nasty Nurturing Mommy


Nasty Nurturing Mommy makes you feel good!

Nasty Nurturing Mommy always makes you feel good. You’ve watched me all your life. When I got divorced it secretly made you so happy because now I  was all yours. All those years of me walking around in those sexy nighties. Now you could finally make your move.


Nasty Nurturing Mommy teased you all this time!

Mommy has been teasing you for years. Wearing the skimpiest clothing. Walking around the house in sheer nighties. Leaving the door open when she undresses & showers. Sometimes Mommy forgets to close her door at night. Allowing you to hear her sweet moans as she touchers herself


Nasty Nurturing Mommy is so hot!

Seducing your Nasty Nurturing Mommy was almost too easy. All those long nights got lonely as I watched you grow into a man. You continued to spend more and more time with me. Leaning on you for things I shouldn’t have. You became my confidant and my best friend. But one evening you decided you wanted more.


Tonight was the night for Nasty Nurturing Mommy phone sex

You treated me to a good meal. Finishing off the evening with a night cap of a good bottle of wine. I knew you were spending the night. Understanding you would be sleeping in the guest room. Imagine my surprise when you come into my room. Having no intention of spending another night away from me. Your dirty desires for mommy unreturned.


Give your cock to  your Nasty Nurturing Mommy!

You came into my room and refused to leave. I told you that I was heading to bed and you should also. You had no intention of walking away from your Nasty Nurturing Mommy. You stripped naked and proudly showed me your big cock.  I tried to look away but my desire was unmistakable.  My sons big cock made my mommy pussy so wet!


Nasty Nurturing Mommy wants her sons cock so bad!

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Nasty Nurturing Mommy makes you cum hard!

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Ageplay Phone Sex

Ageplay Phone Sex

Ageplay Phone Sex when you want it kinky!

Mommy takes you to the park for Ageplay Phone Sex. Does your young dick need extra attention? Mommy can’t wait to play with you. Mommy puts on her long sundress and we drive to the park. Your wearing your baggy boxers that are easy to slide down.


Ageplay Phone Sex Has no limits!

We find a nice parking spot  for Ageplay Phone Sex. Where you can see the hot girls from your class playing volley ball. There are also lots of hot older women jogging in their sports bra’s. Their tits and asses bouncing up and down as they run.

This gets your young cock so hard. Never fear Mommy Susan will take care of your hard young dick. Mommy always takes care of her special horny boy! Mommy loves to cuddle with you in the back seat & jerk you off. Letting you look at the pretty girls who rejected you. Making you in control!

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Ageplay Phone Sex has no taboos!

Mommy cuddles you close during Ageplay Phone Sex. Jerking you off in the back seat. You look up and watch everyone run by and play as mommy wraps her blanket around the both of us. You love sitting in mommy’s lap as she begins to rub on your hard young dick.

Your young penis springs to life for mommy. Mommy knows how to get your excited. She brings you out here to cuddle fuck on purpose! This way you get to live out your sexual fantasies! It’s  ok if those girls reject you son! Mommy will make you cum with them anyway. They have no control over what mommy has in mind!

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Ageplay Phone Sex is so filthy!

Mommy whispers all kinds of filthy things in your ear and kisses on your neck. Ageplay Phone Sex is always fun with mommy. Your young cock begins to leak precum now. Soon mommy is jerking your hard dick in your shorts. You moan softly as mommy strokes your young cock up an down.

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Ageplay Phone Sex makes you cum hard!

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Ageplay Phone Sex feels so good! Your big hard young dick slides slowly out in and out of mommy. Mommy gently pushes up and squeezes her mature pussy so tight around your dick. As you slide in and out you turn your head so you can look out the window. Your mind wanders to all the different girls and women outside.

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Ageplay Phone Sex satisfies your needs!

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Ageplay Phone Sex is the best!

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Ageplay Phone Sex is our little secret!

She has no idea  your having Ageplay Phone Sex. You locked eyes with her while mommy took your thick creamy load. Smiling as you were sizing her up. Your classmate is confused why you yelled her name! You smile & wave because you won!


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Ageplay Phone Sex is so naughty!

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JOI phone sex


JOI phone sex

JOI phone sex for hot jerk off instruction

Longing for JOI phone sex? I can be the Hot MILF next door, or your horny mommy. Maybe your sexy school teacher. Let a mature MILF tempt and tease you. I will be your Erotic kinky mature phone lover.

We can enjoy all kinds of taboo JOI Phone sex fantasies. We can enjoy Teacher Student, Naughty neighbor, Mother Son, Auntie Nephew roleplays. Incest is one of my favorite role plays. I love being that hot Milf Mommy or Auntie who takes your virgin cock!


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I can be that hot milf that shows you what to do with your young dick. Instructing you how to touch yourself. Coaxing you to jerk it for mommy! Encouraging you to jerk off for professor Susan. Enticing you to make your cock cum for Auntie Sue.

I could be your neighbor next door. The hot milf whom always teases you. That you can’t wait to help out. Always opening the doors for me. Helping me carry my mail & groceries. It’s ok you can stroke that big hard dick for me. After all what are naughty neighbors for!


JOI phone sex for 1 on 1 live adult fun!

Want some 1 on 1 JOI phone sex fun? Your hot MILF neighbor can seduce your hard dick. You can comfort your horny mommy now that daddy is gone. Your Sexy school teacher will teach you how to use your young cock!

We can enjoy every role play you can imagine. So many fantasies & roleplays we can explore. Confess your deepest desires while we play.  I love getting you off! Making you cum hard is my deepest desire! Don’t hold back! I’m so here for you!


Anything is possible during JOI phone sex!

We can enjoy any roleplay you want during JOI phone sex! Nothing is off limits when we play. I can be your fantasy girl or incest slut. Hot wet ready & willing to lead you through Jerk off instruction. Hearing you stroke your dick makes my cunt so wet.

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JOI phone sex lulls you to ecstasy!

My seductive sultry voice lulling you to ecstasy. Leading you through a hot and nasty jerk off instruction. Maybe we can play together. I know you can’t wait to hear how juicy wet my pussy becomes as we play. Want me to put the phone down between my legs so you can hear my sweet sounds?

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Lets enjoy JOI phone sex together!

Of course you want to hear my pussy during JOI Phone Sex! The sounds of my wet cunt makes your cock so much harder. Knowing we are enjoying our phone call together! My soft moans & sultry voice leading you to orgasm. We can talk about what ever you want!

We can sit back relax & get to know each other. Learning how to get each other off. Exploring hot kinky roleplays. Experimenting with taboo fetishes. No one will ever know. It’s our little secret. We can do whatever you want on the phone while we play!


Hear me playing with my pussy during JOI phone sex!

Want to hear me really playing with my cunt? I will be happy to let you hear my toy go in and out of my hot wet pussy. I will give you JOI phone sex you will never forget. Instructing you how to stroke your hard dick. Learn how to play with your erect penis. Up your masturbation game!

Jerk off instruction is great practice for love making. A wonderful way to release tension. Putting you in control in your relationships. Helping you to experience your primal urges in a safe kinky space. Always discreet allowing you to explore your hidden desires & fantasies!


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