Horny Mommy Phone Sex

Horny Mommy Phone Sex

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looking for Horny Mommy Phone Sex? Sometimes mommy likes it rough. Of course I want it to be very gentle first. How badly I crave your hard young dick. Touching myself as  I imagine my stepson waking me up to his rock hard cock.

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Your mouth ravishing my body. Big strong hands ripping away at my panties & sheer nighty. His tongue salivating at the thought of tasting my hot wet cunt. Dick throbbing in anticipating of my wet tight mature pussy. My son’s balls aching to shoot his big load deep inside me.

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I know young men need Horny Mommy Phone Sex. Of course I teased you for weeks over the summer. Wearing the sheerest shortest outfits I could find. Not to mention skin tight bikini’s in the back yard.

I knew I was tempting you.

Leaving my door open whenever I showered or undressed really got your attention. Knowing he would be peering in the crack of the door. Edging himself through his boxers. Fantasizing about my naked body pressed against his own.

Horny Mommy Phone Sex makes you succumb to your mothers touch.

I knew you were perving on me son during Horny Mommy Phone Sex. Sooner or later you would succumb to your urges for me. Knowing  your dick was throbbing for your mothers touch. Needing my hot wet incest cunt so much!

Nothing could stop you tonight!

Wanting to violate me in so many ways. Taking me by force if necessary. To show me how much you love me. How bad you want me! Making me feel how much desire you have for me. Feeling your hard cock pulsating in your mothers wet warm vagina.

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Horny Mommy Phone Sex teases you. Especially when I forgot to close my bedroom door when I used my vibrator. I know you were standing by the door stroking your dick. I even whispered your name as I fucked myself knowing you were listening.

Horny Mommy Phone Sex feels so good.

Finally when daddy went on his business trip we were all alone. You have been waiting for this moment for so long. The night you slide your big dick in mommy. Feeling mommy cum on your hard cock. Hearing mommy’s soft sweet moans. Seeing mommies face as she orgasms!

Horny Mommy Phone Sex has no limits!

I was in bed in my sheer baby doll nighty during Horny Mommy Phone Sex.  No panties on underneath. I went to bed with my bedroom door unlocked again. An open invitation for you to take me up on. You couldn’t wait to slide the covers back & fuck me.

Mommy was ready for the taking.

I looked so peaceful as I lay there. Laying on my back. My big soft breasts spilling out of my night gown. Nighty pulled up around my thighs. Legs slightly spread. Fabric so sheer you can see my nipples. So see through you can almost see my G-String.  Making you want me more

Horny Mommy Phone Sex Gets you excited.

You need my Horny Mommy Phone Sex. My big nipples were so hard and I was very excited. My mature pussy dripping wet with desire for your young college dick. Frustrating you to the point of no return was all part of my plan. Eventually I knew you would come to me.

Horny Mommy Phone Sex fun

A mothers love is hard to resist!

Not being able to resist my curvy soft feminine form. My big soft ample breasts. Spilling over my low cut  tops & dresses. Mommy’s full round ass filling out her clothing. The outline of my g-string  showing through my sheer cloths.

Horny Mommy Phone Sex fulfills your fantasies.

You were looking for Horny Mommy Phone Sex. As you crept in my room hard & read. Your erect cock was in hand ready to fuck me hard and deep. I pretended not to hear you come in. Leaving my eyes closed pretending to be asleep.


You have a big surprise for mommy!

Hearing you unzipping your jeans after you took off your shoes. You thought you caught me sleeping. I was not going to ruin your surprise. Wanting to surprise mommy with your big hard dick. Mommy knows what you need!

Horny Mommy Phone Sex lets you fuck mommy.

Sneaking over to my bed as quietly as you could. Slowly quietly pulling the covers back. Your eyes undoubtedly scanning my mature curvy body. So excited to finally get to fuck me hard during Horny Mommy Phone Sex!

A Songs carnal desire for mommy!

Looking at your mother with hungry longing.  Wanting to taste my succulent treasures. Every inch of me calling to your mouth & loins. Your eager young dick ready & waiting to feel my warm wet honey pot. Needing to feel mommy’s pussy wrapped around your cock.

Fuck your mother hard during Horny Mommy Phone Sex.
Horny Mommy Phone Sex feels good! What ever will you do with your sexy mother now that you have her all to yourself? Will you snuggle in bed with me and wake me up to your hard dick poking against my ass? Or perhaps you wake me up to eating my hot wet pussy?
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Flickering your tongue up & down mommy’s slit. Spreading my pussy lips apart careful. Swirling your tongue around my clit. Licking my hot wet mature pussy nice & deep. Letting your fingers explore your mothers cunt. Sucking on my clit with intention. Giving your mothers pussy head until she cum’s in your mouth.
During Horny Mommy Phone Sex Mamma Susan will do anything you want!
Mommy would also love to wake up to feeling your cock sliding in & out of my cunt. Holding me down and fucking me until I cum. Let me be your naughty dirty horny mommy you love to fuck! Mommy will do anything you want! Mothers love getting fucked by their horny sons!
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