Cock milking Phone Sex


Cock milking Phone Sex

Cock milking Phone Sex Feels so good!

We find ourselves all alone during Cock milking Phone Sex.  While daddy is away you and mommy can play. I just love teasing my My horny son. Your young dick gets so hard for mommy.

Those college girls just tease you leaving you with blue balls.  Mommy’s pussy is always waiting. I know you need special attention. Mommy knows exactly how to handle your hard young dick.


Cock milking Phone Sex with mommy!

Mommy always takes care of you during Cock milking Phone Sex. Go ahead and bring that big hard dick to mommy. Mommy is going to make you feel so good this weekend. I might be shy at first  but I’ll come around.

The teasing started in the  kitchen. Mommy was  in nothing but my little sheer nighty and no panties.  You love watching my ass move back & forth. Daddy doesn’t appreciate me like you do. You can’t wait to make me feel like a real woman.


Cock milking Phone Sex Tempts you.

Mommy tempts you during Cock milking Phone Sex. Bending over cooking you breakfast like a good mother. My mature round ass and hips peeking below my nighty. As I get to work cooking you can see mommy’s hairy mature pussy. My hot cunt playing peek a boo.

You love how good mommy’s hairy cunt looks. You arch your neck to gaze at mommy’s ass. Looking to see if you can catch another glimpse of my hairy cunt. I sense your eyes upon me. Deliberately giving you full view of my ass & pussy.


Cock milking Phone Sex is naughty.

Mommy is so naughty for Cock milking Phone Sex. I act like I just noticed you in the kitchen with me and give you a naughty little smile. You try to hide it but, you have a hard-on in your jeans. Stroking and rubbing you slowly I back you up against the wall.

I lean up and kiss you hard while I grind my pussy against you. Feeling your hard dick get harder. Your shaft twitching & pulsating. Making your jeans wet with precum. Mommy know’s what you want. Playing coy as she plays hard to cut.


Your cock stiffens for Cock milking Phone Sex.

Your hands grab my ass during Cock milking Phone Sex. I take your cock out of your pants as I start to stroke you. Rubbing you in my hands slow & deliberate.  Your hard dick stiffens as you watch me work. Having had enough of my teasing you bring me into the bedroom to play.

Picking me up in your arms & carrying me. My son is so big and strong. Growing into the man I always desired for myself. I know its wrong but mommy really needs your big cock. I’ll try to fight my urges for you. We both know what mommy really wants. It’s ok  to fuck mommy! Mommy needs your hard throbbing lust thrusting inside me.


Cock milking Phone Sex fun

Mommy gets on her knees for Cock milking Phone Sex.

Cock milking Phone Sex heats up. Mommy gets on her knees to suck your big boy cock. My lips wrapped around your dick like a Popsicle, as I suck on it and lick it. You watch me wide-eyed and swallow hard as I continue to enjoy your cock.

You reach down to feel mommy’s hot wet pussy. Fingering my hot wet pussy. Sliding your fingers in & out. My pussy getting slippery wet. Feeling my hips thrust against you. Making me cum all over your strong fingers. Kissing my neck & whispering how badly you want me.


Cock milking Phone Sex Lets you explore mommy.

Your mother hungers for Cock milking Phone Sex. I take my finger and wipe up the sweet drops that dripped on my breasts and lick it off my finger.  You turn me around and pull up my little sheer nighty. Do you want to explore mommy’s hairy pussy?

It feels so good how you slide your fingers inside of my wet cunt. I grind myself against you. Feeling your breathe in my ear. Your mouth hard & fast on mine.  Kissing me nice & deep. Our incest passion rising deep within ourselves. The fire in your loins building as your hard cock rises to attention.


Cock milking Phone Sex Makes you crave mommy’s pussy.

Spread me open during Cock milking Phone Sex. You are getting me ready for your fat cock as you pump three of them in and out of me. I am dripping wet for your dick now as I watch you lick my juices off of your fingers.

Soon you start to rub your fat dick up and down between my pussy lips. Teasing my clit with your mushroom head. Spreading my pussy lips as you push me against the wall. Picking me up as you tease me with your cock. Getting your cock wet with your mothers honey.



Cock milking Phone Sex  makes you cum.

Mommy milks you during Cock milking Phone Sex. Once your cock is big and hard mommy milks your dick with my hands and mouth. You cum so hard over mommies big titties. Mommy Susan licks up your big load of cock milk.

Licking your dick clean as your eyes roll back into your head. Craving mommy? Mommy wants to make you feel so good. Bring all your fantasies & desires to me. Confess all your filthy fetishes. Don’t hold back and call mommy now!

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Mother Son Roleplay

Mother Son Roleplay Phone Sex

How do you like your Mother Son Roleplay  ?

Have a hard dick and nowhere to put it? Those girls don’t know your secret do they? They don’t know what a great big hard cock you have but I do. I hear you stroke it every day after school and on the weekends.

Mommy knows you’ve been in you room beating your meat. Trolling the internet for porn. Seeking dirty videos to stroke your cock to. Jerking off for hours at a time. Your young dick insatiable for  stimulation. Stroking your shaft up & down over & over for hours. Moaning grunting and groaning my name until you cum.


Mother Son Roleplay helps horny boys cum for mommy!

All the other boys are out getting pussy but your home watching porn in your room jerking off all alone. Momma Susan Can’t let her horny boy stroke that big bone alone. Cum to mommy with  your hard shaft so I can show you how to use your big cock.

Mommy can hear you moaning through the vents. Whenever I go by your bedroom door I can her you. Wet slapping sounds of your lotion covered dick as you jerk off. Whenever I peak in your room I can see you. Jerking off hard & fast nice & sweaty moaning. Full of lust & desire as your hormones go crazy.


Mother Son Roleplay teases your desire for mommy’s cunt!

I sneak in sometimes and watch you rub that beast between your legs. Mommy knows your throbbing desires. Lately I have been  teasing you when your home. Walking around in lingerie or nothing but sexy panties.

Knowing how crazy this is going to drive you. Your hard dick throbbing in your pants. Erection pressing into your underwear. Precum dripping down your shaft. Balls so full of cum. Trying so hard to maintain your composure.


Mother Son Roleplay makes you want mommy more.

Leaving my door open when I shower and undress. Bending over to clean your room with no panties on. Leaning over to hand you dinner as my cleavage is in plain view. I even leave my dirty panties around the house for you to find

Knowing your going to collect them. It must have felt like a treasure hunt. Finding mommy’s dirty silk panties everywhere. I bet you sniffed every single pair. Some of them went missing. Returning later full of your cum. Did you think I wouldn’t know my dirty panties went missing. Then re-appearing with thick creamy cum in them. Wrapped in a towel and put delicately in the hamper.


Mother Son Roleplay tempts you into giving in to mommy.

I tease you all the time now. Almost immediately after my teasing you are off to your room to jerk off your big dick.  This was part of my plan to groom you for Mother Son Roleplay Phone Sex. Making you want mommy all the time. Turning you on until you have to release all that tension.  Tempting you into giving in to your desires.

I know you jerk off in my panties. Soaking the crotch with your young cum. Then hiding what you’ve done. Thinking Mommy has no idea. Of course I know my horny boy found mommy’s panties. Mommy left those panties for you to find on purpose. Knowing how much fun you would have with them.


Mother Son Roleplay makes you want more.

I pretend I don’t know what your up during Mother Son Roleplay. to but I can hear you moaning my name as you stroke your big bone for mommy. So I hatch a plan during a lonely Saturday night. A plan to make everything all better. First I send you out to work hard in the yard all day.

Mother Son Roleplay lets you get down & dirty!

Then when you come in all dirty for Mother Son Roleplay. Sweaty mommy offers to draw you a bath. Your so sore from all your hard work. Its ok mommy will draw you  a nice warm bath and rub your shoulders. Then mommy  will accidently get her shirt wet so she has to take it off.

You hunger for Mother Son Roleplay! You get so excited looking at mommy’s cleavage as I lean over and rub your shoulders. Your big cock stands straight up in the water. You turn red and get very embarrassed when Mommy see’s your big erection.


Mother Son Roleplay lets mommy take care of your cock!

Let mommy console your big dick. Lets soap up with mommy in the bathtub. I will make your sweaty cock nice and  clean for you. Want to soap mommy up too? We can bathe together! Mommy is warm wet horny and ready for you! Lets find out what happens next when we play! Call me for Mother Son Roleplay Phone Sex! 

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