Freaky Phone Sex

Freaky Phone Sex

Freaky Phone Sex lets you live out your fantasies!

Are you into Freaky Phone Sex?  Want mommy to teach you about the birds and bees? Maybe you have a little dick and want to get it wet? Do I catch you putting on my panties and heels? Are you a sissy slut who likes to cross dress for mommy. Wanting mommy’s strapon in your back pussy?


Freaky Phone Sex lets you be cock curious.

Or do you prefer real dick in your pretty pink holes! Do you need daddy to come & Fuck you. Violating your mouth & ass during Freaky Phone Sex. What a naughty boy you are. Needing daddy’s dick down your throat. Want daddy to bend you over & fuck you. Mommy spreads your cheeks & makes you take it.


How freaky do you want your Freaky Phone Sex?

What if you want two daddies at once? Mommy can let two daddies take advantage of your Freaky Phone Sex Fuck holes! One daddy pulls your pretty panties to the side. You love how they stretch your pretty pink butthole.  Fucking you one after the other. Giving you an Anal creampie for mommy to lick out!


Bend over for Freaky Phone Sex!

You love how mommies wet tongue licks you up & down. Sliding nice & deep in your      puckered ass. Licking both your kinky daddies cum out! Then you get so horny you bend mommy over & fuck her ass too. Filling mommy nice & deep giving her an anal creampie to match yours. Then licking your own cum out!


Freaky Phone Sex indulges your kinky side

Want to play dress up for me and put on a show? You could be my small dick cross dressing son who mommy pegs? Want to put on a sexy nighty for mommy during Freaky Phone Sex? Mommy can put on a strapon on and fuck you if you want! Stretching out your sissy pussy nice & wide! Getting you ready for real dick to fuck!


Freaky Phone Sex encourages you to breed mommy!

Maybe your not cock curious & you don’t want to share mommy. Want to breed mommy & impregnate her? Filling mommy’s incest pussy with your big boy dick? Shooting lots of cum into me. Making me moan with pleasure. Your such a naughty boy! It’s ok to fuck mommy! What a good boy you are.

Freaky Phone Sex has no limits!

Maybe you want to watch mommy pee while you jerk off? Or does mommy suck your dick while she pees? Freaky Phone Sex can get really nasty . Mommy could take you into the dressing room or bathroom with her. No one has to know that your dick got so hard in the store. Of course mommy loves to make you feel good no matter where she is.

Freaky Phone Sex has no taboos.

Mommy  gave you Freaky Phone Sex in the store. Mommy had to take care of  your hard dick. It’s ok put your ear buds in and watch that porn mommy made for you on her phone. Watch mommy and daddy fuck while mommy takes your cock in her mouth and drains it. Watching home made porn staring mommy while she sucks your dick dry!


Freaky Phone Sex feels good!

Perhaps you’d rather play in the bath with mommy? Mommy wraps her arms around you and cleans your cock real good. I know you need attention. Your girlfriend isn’t ready yet but mommy is. Mommy’s soapy hands feel so good giving you a special cock massage. Your fingers explore mommy’s pussy! Mommy’s pussy loves when you fuck me!


Freak Phone Sex always satisfies!

Mommy will help you get rid of all that tension. Just lay back on mommy’s naked wet boobies while she jerks you off real good! Thats  a good boy! Cum for mommy honey! Mommy will always make you feel good during Freaky Phone Sex.

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Mother Son Roleplay

Mother Son Roleplay Phone Sex

How do you like your Mother Son Roleplay  ?

Have a hard dick and nowhere to put it? Those girls don’t know your secret do they? They don’t know what a great big hard cock you have but I do. I hear you stroke it every day after school and on the weekends.

Mommy knows you’ve been in you room beating your meat. Trolling the internet for porn. Seeking dirty videos to stroke your cock to. Jerking off for hours at a time. Your young dick insatiable for  stimulation. Stroking your shaft up & down over & over for hours. Moaning grunting and groaning my name until you cum.


Mother Son Roleplay helps horny boys cum for mommy!

All the other boys are out getting pussy but your home watching porn in your room jerking off all alone. Momma Susan Can’t let her horny boy stroke that big bone alone. Cum to mommy with  your hard shaft so I can show you how to use your big cock.

Mommy can hear you moaning through the vents. Whenever I go by your bedroom door I can her you. Wet slapping sounds of your lotion covered dick as you jerk off. Whenever I peak in your room I can see you. Jerking off hard & fast nice & sweaty moaning. Full of lust & desire as your hormones go crazy.


Mother Son Roleplay teases your desire for mommy’s cunt!

I sneak in sometimes and watch you rub that beast between your legs. Mommy knows your throbbing desires. Lately I have been  teasing you when your home. Walking around in lingerie or nothing but sexy panties.

Knowing how crazy this is going to drive you. Your hard dick throbbing in your pants. Erection pressing into your underwear. Precum dripping down your shaft. Balls so full of cum. Trying so hard to maintain your composure.


Mother Son Roleplay makes you want mommy more.

Leaving my door open when I shower and undress. Bending over to clean your room with no panties on. Leaning over to hand you dinner as my cleavage is in plain view. I even leave my dirty panties around the house for you to find

Knowing your going to collect them. It must have felt like a treasure hunt. Finding mommy’s dirty silk panties everywhere. I bet you sniffed every single pair. Some of them went missing. Returning later full of your cum. Did you think I wouldn’t know my dirty panties went missing. Then re-appearing with thick creamy cum in them. Wrapped in a towel and put delicately in the hamper.


Mother Son Roleplay tempts you into giving in to mommy.

I tease you all the time now. Almost immediately after my teasing you are off to your room to jerk off your big dick.  This was part of my plan to groom you for Mother Son Roleplay Phone Sex. Making you want mommy all the time. Turning you on until you have to release all that tension.  Tempting you into giving in to your desires.

I know you jerk off in my panties. Soaking the crotch with your young cum. Then hiding what you’ve done. Thinking Mommy has no idea. Of course I know my horny boy found mommy’s panties. Mommy left those panties for you to find on purpose. Knowing how much fun you would have with them.


Mother Son Roleplay makes you want more.

I pretend I don’t know what your up during Mother Son Roleplay. to but I can hear you moaning my name as you stroke your big bone for mommy. So I hatch a plan during a lonely Saturday night. A plan to make everything all better. First I send you out to work hard in the yard all day.

Mother Son Roleplay lets you get down & dirty!

Then when you come in all dirty for Mother Son Roleplay. Sweaty mommy offers to draw you a bath. Your so sore from all your hard work. Its ok mommy will draw you  a nice warm bath and rub your shoulders. Then mommy  will accidently get her shirt wet so she has to take it off.

You hunger for Mother Son Roleplay! You get so excited looking at mommy’s cleavage as I lean over and rub your shoulders. Your big cock stands straight up in the water. You turn red and get very embarrassed when Mommy see’s your big erection.


Mother Son Roleplay lets mommy take care of your cock!

Let mommy console your big dick. Lets soap up with mommy in the bathtub. I will make your sweaty cock nice and  clean for you. Want to soap mommy up too? We can bathe together! Mommy is warm wet horny and ready for you! Lets find out what happens next when we play! Call me for Mother Son Roleplay Phone Sex! 

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