Phone Sex Therapy

Phone Sex Therapy

Welcome to Phone Sex Therapy.

Welcome to Phone Sex Therapy. I am honored to be that gentle voice you confess to. I will never judge you no matter what you tell me. We can discuss anything your heart desires. Some of my gentleman really like me to be their dirty mommy.

Do you sneak into my room and play with mommy’s titties? Slide my panties to the side and sneak a lick? Or does mommy come into your room before bed. Giving you a special massage under the covers.

Your young cock rises to the occasion. Mommy rubs your dick up and down. Swallowing every drop sending you to bed with a smile. I can also be your strict mommy. Making you eat my cunt until I cum in your mouth.



Phone Sex Therapy is a safe place to confess.

Phone Sex Therapy is a safe place to share your fantasies. Even the really naughty taboo ones.   Tell me the first time you knew you were a panty lover. Who’s dirty panties did you steal first? Did you sniff and lick them? Did you jerk off in them or keep them as a souvenir.

Some of you might want to wear my panties. Submitting to my strapon dick. Begging me to fuck your prostate. Allowing me to bend you over and milk your dick as I fuck your ass.  It’s ok to admit your desires. Here there is zero judgment.


Lets enjoy during Phone Sex Therapy together.

We can enjoy Phone Sex Therapy roleplays together. Indulge in all the naughty fetishes you dream of . Long for race play? Does your hot Jewess or White wife love big black dick? Long to see her tight pink pussy stretched out by big dark dick?

How greedy is your hot wife? Maybe she loves a good gang bang. Or does she not have a choice in the matter. Maybe you roofie her drink and tie her down to a bed or table. So you and your friends can fuck her all night long in every single hole.

Perhaps you long to make a submissive lick your wife’s hot creampie. Or maybe that dirty creampie licker is you? Perhaps you taste your own cum like a good boy! Maybe you just want some guided masturbation instead. Or we can make it mutual and cum together!


We can talk about anything during Phone Sex Therapy.

Phone Sex Therapy allows you to experience your forbidden desires. Explore all the naughty adventures you crave. Tell me about your horny fantasies about your wife and her furry friend.

What a good boy he is….stabbing away at her pussy with his hard dick. Knotting up deep inside her. She pushes back on his hard dick greedily. Using his angry red cock as she watches her porn. His cock head explodes as she throbs all around him.

Her entire body is covered in sweat.  Laying on her back inviting her fun friend between her legs again. Rubbing her pussy with something tasty. So he will lick her cunt with his long tongue. Lulling her to orgasm once again.


Enjoy the full Phone Sex Therapy experience.

It’s ok to touch yourself during Phone Sex Therapy. Mutual masturbation is always encouraged during our session. We can bring our toys. I have a vibrator do you? Want to hear me use it? Long to hear me fuck my wet pussy with my dildo?

You might enjoy a good hard stroke. Or do you have a love doll perhaps. Some of my gentleman use cock strokers. Some cock strokers give the sensation of getting real head. Don’t be shy and bring all your toys.

Be sure to get your hands on my hard core picture set. Available for automatic download. Then you can look deep into my hair cunt and fat ass. I am spread nice and wide for you in my pictures. Leaving nothing to the imagination.


Phone Sex Therapy helps you relax.

Don’t hold back during our Phone Sex Therapy sessions. Confess everything you have never told another soul. I will be that one person you can everything to. No matter how taboo you like it. No matter how dirty the desire. Call me for Phone Sex Therapy!

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Horny Kissing Cousin


Horny Kissing Cousin

Horny Kissing Cousin Phone Sex fulfills your fantasies.

Growing up I had a Horny Kissing Cousin. We spent alot of time together just hanging out alone. Getting to know each other on a deep level. My first kiss was with my cousin. Their lips pressed on mine. All those hormones taking hold as they slipped me some tongue.

I was very attracted to my cousin growing up. His strong rippling muscles. He was so tall and strong. His cock really filled out his jeans. Being a city girl visiting him on his dads farm was a real treat. He wasn’t like the other guys I knew at school. My cousin was mysterious and sexy.

I remember the first time we jumped in the swimming hole together he got very aroused. He couldn’t hide his hard dick rising to attention in his swimming trunks. There was alot of sexual tension that day. We ended up making out in the stable that day. His hard incest dick pressed up against me.

Confide your Horny Kissing Cousin desires to me!

What are your deep Horny Kissing Cousin desires? Who doesn’t love a bit of family fun! Incest is a hot phone sex fantasy I love to enjoy with you. Did you find yourself curious about your cousin growing up? I can be that naughty cousin that satisfies your sexual curiosity!

When did you first know you were turned on by your cousin? Did they pay you lots of compliments? Did you both spend lots of time together? Ever see them undressed or naked? Want me to be the mature older cousin who takes advantage of you? Taking your virgin cock inside me and teaching you about sex?

Long to be my older cousin who seduces me into begging for your incest dick? Teaching me about the birds & the bees? Or do we innocently fall into bed together in the hot throes of passion? Exploring each others bodies & having our first sexual experience with each other.

Horny Kissing Cousin Turns me on.

Want me to be your Horny Kissing Cousin? Our sexual tension builds up slow over time. Getting hotter and hotter with every accidental touch. Every brush of skin against each other arousing us more. Especially when we go camping alone together.

No parents around to stop us. Doing whatever we want in the middle of the night. No one can hear us out in the woods! No one can hear our moans of our young lust! Your incest cock deep inside my hot virgin pussy. Popping your cousins Hymen as your deep inside me! In the woods in the dark together!


What are your Horny Kissing Cousin desires?

Have you always wanted a Horny Kissing Cousin? What starts out as platonic family becomes steamy passionate sex! Forbidden Sexual arousal for your cousin sets fire to your loins. You just can’t help yourself! I feel the same way too! We can’t keep our hands off each other!

Always flirting & eyeing each other every chance we get! Having dirty dreams about what it would be like to be with me? Want to live out your fantasies? Now’s your chance to explore all your dirty desires! I will keep even your most taboo phone sex secrets!


Do you have a Horny Kissing Cousin in real life?

Did you have a Horny Kissing Cousin you got to play with? How far did you go with your cousin? Were you both just curious about the opposite sex? Was your cousin always around you growing up? What happens with family stays with family! Pinky swear I’ll keep all your secrets!

Did you both secretly flirt with each other?  Did your forbidden flirting ever move to the next level?  Did you both end up in a naughty situation while partying or getting high or drunk? How far did you get with your cousin? Did things go farther than just flirting and kissing?

Did you find yourselves  sneaking off from a family gathering? Did she constantly give you a boner at every occasion. Did you find yourself  rock hard whenever you both hugged? Your cock pointing straight up and resting against her stomach. Making you both sneak off during a family BBQ to go fuck in the woods!


Tell me all your Horny Kissing Cousin experiences now!

Tell me all the naughty things you and your Horny Kissing Cousin did! I can’t wait for you to confess all your dirty deeds to me! I can be that hot & dirty cousin your smitten with! We can be teenagers attracted to each other.  Longing to be more than just family & cousins.

Dominated by erotic thoughts about each other. Until one day we can’t hide our desires anymore! We are always horny! I always see you walking around with a huge erection. Your hard on pushing against your pants! We get to see even more of each other when we go to the beach in our swim suits.

Sometimes we got to the changing room together. Where you get to see me change out of my swimsuit into my cloths. Afforded with so many opportunities to see each other naked head to toe. Sneaking around to get a peak at each others bodies!

I can be your innocent cousin or a total slut! Do we come from strict families where we feel sexually repressed? Stumbling upon our sexuality together! Exploring the hidden taboos of forbidden Incest lust? Secretly exploring some sexual perversions perhaps? Embarking on a bit of exhibitionism and voyeurism?


Call me for Horny Kissing Cousin Phone Sex! 1-888-726-2391                                                                   

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Mother Son Phone Fuck


Mother Son Phone Fuck

Mother Son Phone Fuck is always here for you!

You had a bad day and called me for a Mother Son Phone Fuck. Tell me all about it baby. Did that mean girl reject you? How dare she talk to my good sweet boy like that. She doesn’t know you like I do. You have such a fat hard young cock!.

Rejecting you was her loss. Its ok, come to mommy and tell me all about it. We can explore all your desires in a hot & nasty Mother Son Phone Fuck! Mommy will jerk your hard dick. You don’t need those stuck up girls anymore! Give all your cum to mommy!


Mother Son Phone Fuck When you need mommy’s milky tits!

Why don’t you let mommy hug you during Mother Son Phone Fuck. I snuggle you in my arms nice and close to my breasts. I know you like it when mommy holds you and shows you all her love and care. I pull out one of my big soft milky breasts and start to feed you.

I am so nurturing. My big soft floppy breasts feel so good. Nipples more than a mouthful. It takes both hands to grab one of my big tits. Those girls don’t have big tits like mommy does. Mommy’s soft curvy body always gets your dick so hard!


Mother Son Phone Fuck Caters to your desires.

Cum to mommy for a Mother Son Phone Fuck. Even after all these years you still love to suck on mommies big milky tits. My mothers milk flows into your mouth as you lick and suck upon my nipples. Cradling one big soft breast in your hand as you begin to stroke your big hard cock.

It’s ok mommy will rub that dick for you. Be a good boy & relax while mommy takes care of everything. Mommy is going to coax all those cummies out of your balls. All you have to do is look at mommy & suck her tits. Letting mommy do all the work. Making your cock & balls feel so good!


Mother Son Phone Fuck helps you relax!

Your a good boy for Mother Son Phone Fuck aren’t you? Always asking mommy for Mother Son Phone Sex. It’s ok to bring your big hard dick to mommy. Mommy loves your hard swollen fuck meat. Why don’t you lay back and relax. Mommy will stroke your big hard dick as you suck on my big milky tits.

Stroking your hard young man meat up & down. You moan so good for mommy. Thrusting your young hips up & down. Your young balls getting so full of cum! Ready to explode for mommy. Of course mommy can always give you a blow job. Would you like that baby? A nice warm blow job from mommy?


Mommy helps you cum during Mother Son Phone Fuck .

Want your cock sucked during Mother Son Phone Fuck? Oh my did you want mommy to suck your cock instead? Why don’t you sit on the couch let mommy help you. I get on my knees sucking your big hard dick. Your eyes get so wide as your cock slides in and out of mommy’s mouth.

Mommy loves sucking your big cock. She isn’t selfish like those snotty girls. She knows her big boy needs lots of affection & attention. Its ok to use mommy’s mouth. You can turn on porn while mommy sucks your dick. You can watch mommy suck your cock & watch mommy on the tv too.


Mommy takes every inch during Mother Son Phone Fuck.

Mommy moaning as she sucks your big dick during our Mother Son Phone Fuck! It’s ok you can feed your big dick to mommy. Watch how deep mommy takes every inch of your big hard cock! when mommy starts licking your ass and balls you get really hard. ” Oh mommy that feels so good”, you reply!

Mommy loves sucking your big boy cock. Your such a good boy honey. Thats it give your big dick to mommy. Mommy is so hungry for your cum. It’s ok to fuck mommy’s face. Push mommy’s head down on your cock. Make mommy deepthroat your cock. Mommy loves her sons big young cock!


Mother Son Phone Fuck lets you fuck mommy!

Mommy feels so good for a Mother Son Phone Fuck! Those girls at school could never fuck you like I do. Mommy knows just how to make you cum. Why don’t you get on top of mommy. Mommy will lay back and spread her legs for you. My mature pussy feels so good.

My wet slick pussy gripping your dick. Looking deep into mommy’s eyes as you fuck me nice & deep. Pushing your big boy cock in and out. Stirring up my insides during Incest Phone Sex. You don’t need those other women honey. Mommy will always be here to fuck you!


Mother Son Phone Fuck feels so good!

You love a good Mother Son Phone Fuck in  mommy’s wet  juicy cunt. My hairy pussy feels so good against your balls. Slide your hard young dick into mommy. Suck on mommy’s big tits as you fuck me. Oh your big boy dick feels so good. Mommy’s kitty needs your hard young cock!

Mommy loves making love to her special boy. Watching you grow into a man is my biggest accomplishment. Your cock is so much bigger than daddies. Now that I’m divorced we can do whatever we want. No more hiding behind daddies back. We have this big house all to ourselves!


Give me your cum during Mother Son Phone Fuck!

Mommy holds onto you as you thrust faster and faster. What a good boy you are for Mother Son Phone Fuck! Giving mommy every inch of your dick. It’s ok to cum in mommy. Mommy loves feeling her good sweet boy ejaculate in her hot wet vagina.

Push your cock deeper in mommy.  What a good boy you are! Fucking mommy’s incest cunt! Thats it baby, fuck mommy deeper. Mommy always encourages you to fuck her hot wet pussy. You love how mommies cunt grips your dick. Mommy kisses you nice & deep on the mouth. You love fucking mommy so much don’t you?


Cum hard for mommy during Mother Son Phone Fuck

You cum so hard for mommy. Your young dick throbs as you cry out for your mother. We French kiss as you pump the last of your sperm into my incest cunt. When you lay back to rest mommy gets on her hands and knees and licks all your cum up. Mother is so hungry for her sons sperm. Licking my lips as I devour your sweet young cum!

You can’t believe what a dirty slut mommy is. Your young dick gets hard all over again. You want to fuck mommy all night long! Fucking mommy in all her pretty pink holes. What a good boy you are! Thats it fuck mommy harder! Breed mommies hot wet pussy! Bend mommy over & take her tight ass too. Mommy always takes care of her special boy!

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Erotic Phone Sex


Erotic Phone Sex

Erotic Phone Sex Makes you feel so good!

Having a Hard day? Erotic Phone Sex will make you feel so much better! Looking for a little soft sensual erotic one on one loving? Someone who is warm down to earth and easy to talk to? Tired of the games that the women in your life might play? Want someone to take care of your needs right now?

Never go without attention & affection again. Satisfaction is just a phone call away. Why be lonely? Don’t waste your time & money taking a girl out who might put out! Get what you want right now! I will indulge every single one of your desires. No matter how naughty call me! My Erotic Phone Sex will indulge you. No more unrequited desires. Never go without again.


Erotic Phone Sex brings you satisfaction!

Satisfaction is just a phone call away. I am a mature demure classy woman who knows just how to treat a man. Anything goes with my Erotic Phone Sex. Want to bury your face between my Big soft  tits? Slide your cock between my breasts and watch your dick disappear. My hungry mouth & full lips sucking every single inch.

My natural curvy body is here and waiting for you. My hairy wet pussy enticing. Just the way nature made me. Warm and inviting and waiting for you. When your looking for a real woman look no farther! My soft skin & soft natural curves appeal to your desire for an authentic phone sex experience.

Erotic Phone Sex is hot kinky fun!

The feeling of my soft boobies around your hard shaft as it slides up and down. Any thing you can dream of we can enjoy during Erotic Phone Sex. I can be that hot milf next door who longs for your cock. We can include incest, age play, forced play, race play, lactating tits, mutual masturbation.

Call me for jerk off instruction. I will tell you how to stroke that big bone nice and slow. Look for me when you have an itch that just can’t be scratched. That hot girl you just can’t get out of your head. That secret sexual fantasy your wife or girlfriend doesn’t know. Let me help you see your fantasies realized!


Erotic Phone Sex is everything you desire and more.

Erotic Phone Sex can be everything you desire.  I can be mommy who will show you how to fuck. Want to be my naughty neighbor? Could I be the seductive milf next door? Or perhaps your desires are darker and all for horny mommy? I can be everything and everyone you desire. It’s always our little secret. Whatever we talk about stays just between us.

Call me when your looking for amorous Auntie Sue. You can be my horny brother, brother in law or kinky cousin. Naughty neighbor roleplays can be alot of fun. Maybe you break in & take my hot cunt? Do you seduce the sexy librarian? Give in to the dirty doctor? Feel up the horny patient that hasn’t been fucked in years? Am I your fathers trophy wife?


Erotic Phone Sex is unique to your desires & fetishes.

Pick up the phone and call & connect to your new Erotic Phone Sex Milf . Your personal  phone slut who will do anything to please you.  1-888-726-2391. Make me your naughty little Cum slut. I love to suck cock and I can’t wait to taste you. Don’t hold back! Give your self completely to me while we play.

We can play lots of kinky games. Bring your  toys. Playing with toys during phone sex is red hot! Our phone sex has no limits and no taboos. We can enjoy an unlimited amount of hot fetishes. Lets indulge in kinky role plays together. give in to all of your fantasies.


Erotic Phone Sex

Cum here show and me your big dick . Ms. Susan wants to know how sweet your cum tastes. I plan to enjoy you to the last drop. Not a drop of succulent sperm wasted. Let me make your Erotic Phone Sex one you will never forget.  You deserve the best sensual phone sex experience!

You work hard why not play hard too! No more having to whine and dine a date who might put out.  Get what you want right now! Discretely connect & confess all your dirty desires to me. I will never judge you. Phone sex is my passion. Let me give you some of the very best phone sex you will ever experience.


Call me now for Erotic Phone Sex 1-888-726-2391                                                                   

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