Mother Son Phone Fuck


Mother Son Phone Fuck

Mother Son Phone Fuck is always here for you!

You had a bad day and called me for a Mother Son Phone Fuck. Tell me all about it baby. Did that mean girl reject you? How dare she talk to my good sweet boy like that. She doesn’t know you like I do. You have such a fat hard young cock!.

Rejecting you was her loss. Its ok, come to mommy and tell me all about it. We can explore all your desires in a hot & nasty Mother Son Phone Fuck! Mommy will jerk your hard dick. You don’t need those stuck up girls anymore! Give all your cum to mommy!


Mother Son Phone Fuck When you need mommy’s milky tits!

Why don’t you let mommy hug you during Mother Son Phone Fuck. I snuggle you in my arms nice and close to my breasts. I know you like it when mommy holds you and shows you all her love and care. I pull out one of my big soft milky breasts and start to feed you.

I am so nurturing. My big soft floppy breasts feel so good. Nipples more than a mouthful. It takes both hands to grab one of my big tits. Those girls don’t have big tits like mommy does. Mommy’s soft curvy body always gets your dick so hard!


Mother Son Phone Fuck Caters to your desires.

Cum to mommy for a Mother Son Phone Fuck. Even after all these years you still love to suck on mommies big milky tits. My mothers milk flows into your mouth as you lick and suck upon my nipples. Cradling one big soft breast in your hand as you begin to stroke your big hard cock.

It’s ok mommy will rub that dick for you. Be a good boy & relax while mommy takes care of everything. Mommy is going to coax all those cummies out of your balls. All you have to do is look at mommy & suck her tits. Letting mommy do all the work. Making your cock & balls feel so good!


Mother Son Phone Fuck helps you relax!

Your a good boy for Mother Son Phone Fuck aren’t you? Always asking mommy for Mother Son Phone Sex. It’s ok to bring your big hard dick to mommy. Mommy loves your hard swollen fuck meat. Why don’t you lay back and relax. Mommy will stroke your big hard dick as you suck on my big milky tits.

Stroking your hard young man meat up & down. You moan so good for mommy. Thrusting your young hips up & down. Your young balls getting so full of cum! Ready to explode for mommy. Of course mommy can always give you a blow job. Would you like that baby? A nice warm blow job from mommy?


Mommy helps you cum during Mother Son Phone Fuck .

Want your cock sucked during Mother Son Phone Fuck? Oh my did you want mommy to suck your cock instead? Why don’t you sit on the couch let mommy help you. I get on my knees sucking your big hard dick. Your eyes get so wide as your cock slides in and out of mommy’s mouth.

Mommy loves sucking your big cock. She isn’t selfish like those snotty girls. She knows her big boy needs lots of affection & attention. Its ok to use mommy’s mouth. You can turn on porn while mommy sucks your dick. You can watch mommy suck your cock & watch mommy on the tv too.


Mommy takes every inch during Mother Son Phone Fuck.

Mommy moaning as she sucks your big dick during our Mother Son Phone Fuck! It’s ok you can feed your big dick to mommy. Watch how deep mommy takes every inch of your big hard cock! when mommy starts licking your ass and balls you get really hard. ” Oh mommy that feels so good”, you reply!

Mommy loves sucking your big boy cock. Your such a good boy honey. Thats it give your big dick to mommy. Mommy is so hungry for your cum. It’s ok to fuck mommy’s face. Push mommy’s head down on your cock. Make mommy deepthroat your cock. Mommy loves her sons big young cock!


Mother Son Phone Fuck lets you fuck mommy!

Mommy feels so good for a Mother Son Phone Fuck! Those girls at school could never fuck you like I do. Mommy knows just how to make you cum. Why don’t you get on top of mommy. Mommy will lay back and spread her legs for you. My mature pussy feels so good.

My wet slick pussy gripping your dick. Looking deep into mommy’s eyes as you fuck me nice & deep. Pushing your big boy cock in and out. Stirring up my insides during Incest Phone Sex. You don’t need those other women honey. Mommy will always be here to fuck you!


Mother Son Phone Fuck feels so good!

You love a good Mother Son Phone Fuck in  mommy’s wet  juicy cunt. My hairy pussy feels so good against your balls. Slide your hard young dick into mommy. Suck on mommy’s big tits as you fuck me. Oh your big boy dick feels so good. Mommy’s kitty needs your hard young cock!

Mommy loves making love to her special boy. Watching you grow into a man is my biggest accomplishment. Your cock is so much bigger than daddies. Now that I’m divorced we can do whatever we want. No more hiding behind daddies back. We have this big house all to ourselves!


Give me your cum during Mother Son Phone Fuck!

Mommy holds onto you as you thrust faster and faster. What a good boy you are for Mother Son Phone Fuck! Giving mommy every inch of your dick. It’s ok to cum in mommy. Mommy loves feeling her good sweet boy ejaculate in her hot wet vagina.

Push your cock deeper in mommy.  What a good boy you are! Fucking mommy’s incest cunt! Thats it baby, fuck mommy deeper. Mommy always encourages you to fuck her hot wet pussy. You love how mommies cunt grips your dick. Mommy kisses you nice & deep on the mouth. You love fucking mommy so much don’t you?


Cum hard for mommy during Mother Son Phone Fuck

You cum so hard for mommy. Your young dick throbs as you cry out for your mother. We French kiss as you pump the last of your sperm into my incest cunt. When you lay back to rest mommy gets on her hands and knees and licks all your cum up. Mother is so hungry for her sons sperm. Licking my lips as I devour your sweet young cum!

You can’t believe what a dirty slut mommy is. Your young dick gets hard all over again. You want to fuck mommy all night long! Fucking mommy in all her pretty pink holes. What a good boy you are! Thats it fuck mommy harder! Breed mommies hot wet pussy! Bend mommy over & take her tight ass too. Mommy always takes care of her special boy!

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Horny librarian Phone Sex

Horny librarian Phone Sex

Horny librarian Phone Sex has no taboos.

During Horny librarian Phone Sex It’s after hours in the library. There are still a few people left inside. I walk over to a group of college students sitting in the back, their built bodies look very tempting. I feel so hot as they watch me come closer to their table.

They are too young for me. 20 something year old college boys. I’m old enough to be their mother. Watching me like I’m dinner. Undressing me with their eyes. I try to stay busy. Putting away books helping library patrons check out.


Horny librarian Phone Sex has no limits!

Horny librarian Phone Sex  is wide open to all possibilities.  As a librarian I am so vulnerable. There are six of you young strong tall college boys. With your rippling muscles. All of you could easily over power me.

If the group of you were to corner me I’d have no choice. I would have to do whatever you demanded of me.  All of you are so much stronger than me. Doing my best not to stare. But I can’t help but look at your young sexy buff bodies.


Horny librarian Phone Sex is on your mind!

Horny librarian Phone Sex is on your mind. They look me up and down in my white blouse with the first two buttons open to show off my soft mature breasts. My short black pencil skirt hugs my voluptuous ass so tight.

These black high heels make my legs long and lean. Those hot college boys begin flirting with me. Knowing its wrong I do it anyway. I invite them to the back lounge with me when I turn to walk away.  Hoping that we have a good chat after work. Maybe one them & I might click.


Horny librarian Phone Sex makes you hunger for me.

The door to the lounge opens behind me during Horny librarian Phone Sex. I turn around and see the group of young men in the doorway. Their eyes look hungry as they watch me slowly undress. They come inside and close the door behind them as they start to move close as they surround me.

They came in a little early. I was getting ready to hang out with them. Having no idea they had other ideas in mind.  Clicking with just one oft them wasn’t the idea. They planned to share me together. This was never going to be about a night of flirting. Maybe getting one number. No these strapping studs had darker desires.


Horny librarian Phone Sex satisfies your urges.

Horny librarian Phone Sex starts slow. My skin starts to heat up as their big hands touch my mature feminine body. Sliding up and down my spine as another pair of hands grabs my soft mature breasts. Their big young strong hands fondling and groping me in every which way.

I knew it was wrong. It was happening so fast. Their strong hands felt so good. Wet tongues licking me all over. Hungry mouths kissing sucking every inch of my body. Whispering dirty filthy desires in my ear. Telling me how hard their big young cocks were for me.

Horny librarian Phone Sex fun

Horny librarian Phone Sex fulfills your desires.

It feels so good during Horny librarian Phone Sex. One of the men fondles my breasts and lightly pinches my nipples. A big hard cock starts to rub against my ass, right between my ass cheeks. His hard dick feels so good rubbing against me as he pulls my panties to the side. 

I try to tell him to slow down but  he pushes me down. Finger fucking my cunt. Licking my pussy from behind. Pushing his rock hard young cock inside me. Grabbing onto my hips. Thrusting his big dick deep inside my pussy. His balls bouncing off my ass. Fucking my ass nice and deep.


Horny librarian Phone Sex Makes you cum.

I get taken during Horny librarian Phone Sex. I was pulled on top of one of the darker hotties. The taller of the young men slides his huge big black cock between my smooth milky white thighs. I squeeze my thighs tight as he thrusts against me. His fat black mushroom head hits my clit every time he pushes into me.

Horny librarian Phone Sex heats up in these 6 to 1 odds. As I ride a big black cock a Latino dick slides into my pink puckered ass. Thrusting deep inside my tightest hole. Being double penetrated nice & slow feels so good.  Both sets of hands all over my soft creamy white body.


Horny librarian Phone Sex  Makes you feel good.

Soon a big white cock eagerly brushes across my lips. I open my mouth to accept a long fat creamy white cock. Licking & sucking every inch of your big fat dick. Then your hands push on the back of my head. Making me deep throat every last inch of your dick.

Horny librarian Phone Sex becomes a gang bang. 6 cocks but only 3 holes longing to be fucked sucked until they cum. All that thick creamy young cum and so little time. Their cocks are so big and they can fuck hard for hours. Cumming for hours on end. How ever will I take all this hard young dick? Are you one of the guys fucking me?


Horny librarian Phone Sex Gives you exactly what you want.

Does it turn you on to share me with your friends. All six of you licking sucking & fucking me. Enticing me with your hard buff young bodies. Over powering me with your strong arms. Filling me up with your big hard dicks! Pushing  & probing me in every hole.

Ready for my Horny librarian Phone Sex? Or are you my boss jerking your cock off? A horny intern fingering your hot wet cunt in the back room? A cuckold edging yourself as you watch me get fucked? A perverted security guard watching me from a hidden camera? Do you always watch me get naughty secretly because you like to watch?


Horny librarian Phone Sex Let’s you experience your wildest fantasies.

Do you want a slow seduction of your favorite librarian? Or do you want  to forcibly take me? Perhaps I’m the one who seduces you. Could blackmail be more your style. Do you catch me doing something I shouldn’t? Blacking me to be your willing sex slave. Your slutty milf!

What Phone Sex fantasies do you have? Or were you the nerdy boss I rejected but you watch like a cuck? Or maybe your a librarian too and we take these big dicks together. I can’t wait for us to enjoy Horny librarian Phone Sex ! Call me now! I can’t wait to play with you.


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Horny Auntie Phone Sex

Horny Auntie Phone Sex

You can’t deny your Horny Auntie Phone Sex fantasies!

You always gaze at me hungrily when your wife isn’t around. Your eyes wandering from my lusciously full natural breasts down to my thick thighs. You just got married and your wife has no idea what you desire. Hot Auntie Susan has always appealed to you.

Horny Auntie Phone Sex leaves you wanting more.

You are lusting after me when she is not around. Always ever feeling your eyes upon me. Your hardon pressing into my big ass from behind. Your need for Horny Auntie Phone Sex growing. Auntie has always taken care of your needs. Wifey is falling short of her marital duties.


Hot Horny Auntie Phone Sex desires.

I just love how you touch me and kiss me when she is away. She is gone all the time and you know I am so cock hungry. My horny mature cunt needs to be fucked with  your hot young dick. Your wife can’t make you feel like I do. Auntie Susan Knows exactly how to make you cum!


Horny Auntie Phone Sex fulfills your need for incest.

I try to run around the house with as little as possible. Keeping the door ajar when I shower or masturbate. Always teasing you to take a peek. I know you hear my vibrator hum through the wall. Your temptation for me grows. How long has it been since your wife fucked you? You know you want my Horny Auntie Phone Sex.

Teasing my naughty nephew.

You can hear my long slick vibrator fucking my juicy wet cunt hard and deep. My soft sweet moans raising your cock to attention. Your desire for Horny Auntie Phone Sex is too much to bear. Then you turn to your ice cold wife who pushes you away. She is never in the mood is she? Always pushing you away. Constantly ignoring your needs! Pushing you right into Auntie Sue’s arms!


I do all the things your wife won’t during Horny Auntie Phone Sex!

The temptation inside you continues to build during your summer visit to my home. You try to hide your desire but your such a bad liar. It won’t be long until you give in to temptation. Your desire for me is great. Wifey poo can’t make you cum like I do. Auntie Susan will take good care of your hard cock! You know all you have to do is come to my room.


Horny aunt Seduces her nephew.

I surprise you one night when my husband your uncle is away on business. I sneak into your bedroom when you are undressing. Your wife is gone, she won’t home early. Leaving you alone with me. Leaving you to be lonely. You turn around to see me in nothing but my lacy see-through nightgown.  Bringing you back to all those summers. Especially the one where I took your virgin dick!


Ready for Horny Auntie Phone Sex?

You tell me that I shouldn’t be here until I kiss your lips. Wrapping an arm around my waist and pulling me close while you grab my mature ass. I slowly push you on the bed and get on top of you. Kissing you deeply feeling all those familiar feelings. My sweet young horny nephew. Ready to take your young cum all over again.


Cuckold husband wants Horny Auntie Phone Sex too.

And as I look out the window I see my husband watching us. I watch him touch his cock as I start to sit on your dick. Feeling your throbbing dick slide inside of me as he watches. Your eyes locking with your uncle watching you fuck your Aunt.  This turns you on. Knowing you can fuck me so much better than he can. Knowing how jealous he must be.

Horny Auntie Phone Sex satisfies your Incest fantasies.

Your aunt who is also his wife is riding your dick. You aggressively bury your face into my breasts. Sucking my fat floppy full natural breasts. Your young bull cock pushing deeper and deeper inside me. My cuckold husband left helpless to watch. Not angry but quite aroused.


Horny Auntie Phone Sex  is our little secret.

I know what your young dick needs to feel better. Auntie Sue’s pussy knows what you want.  Call me when your  wife is away. Auntie Susan will take excellent care of her handsome horny nephew. You shouldn’t have to suffer when I’m right here. Your wife will never find out. Let me make your dreams cum true!

Bring your Horny Auntie Phone Sex  to me.

Never go without again. Bring all your dirty incest desires to me. I am the horny Milf your looking for. My mature pussy is waiting for you. Nurturing, seductive, passionate and willing. Auntie Sue loves making you feel so good. It’s ok if your wife neglects you. Just call Auntie Susan when your lonely. Your Horny Auntie will always give you extra attention.

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