Creampie Phone Sex

Who doesn’t love Creampie Phone Sex? I love the buildup to a sexy creampie don’t you? It started with with me flirting with you over coffee. Then I put on my lipstick suggestively. I could tell you were considering sliding your big dick between my full lips. My soft smooth silky lips wrapped nice and snug around your rock hard cock. As you slide in and out  of my lovely mouth.

Imagine kissing me after I taste you. My breathe smelling like your cock. Kissing you slowly after I have drained every drop of your  delicious love juice out of your manhood. Tasting yourself in my mouth. Oh lover I can’t wait. Soft kisses in bed after a nice slow sultry long blow job. Getting you hard all over again as I tease you.

Your lips and tongue getting me ready  for you. You lay me on my back and dine on my decadent lady juices. Intoxicating isn’t it? My honey pot that runs over with love for you. Then you overcome in your lust find yourself needing to be deep inside me. My  thighs draped over your shoulders. My pussy lips gripping your cock ever so tightly. We rock back and forth nice and slow until we both cum.

Our sex fills the room. My scent strong and sweet calls to your lips. Your tongue hungry and eager for more of my honey. My hot sweet honey mixed with your sweet salty cream. You lick my sensitive mature creampie pussy nice and slow. Tasting yourself again now from my other set of lips. Opening me nice and wide to feast upon our juices. Yes please don’t stop. Like a bee to honey you just can’t help yourself. I run my fingers through your hair as you dine on every drop. Sucking on my clit like a nipple. Milking another orgasm from me yet again.

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Sensual Roleplay Phone Sex

I can’t wait to get all dressed up for our Sensual Roleplay Phone Sex. I take my time putting on my Lingerie, Thongs, push up bra’s, corsets’ stockings and heels. Bending over  seductively so you can see my fine ass in my sexy thong & baby doll nighty. We can start out slow. Smoldering kisses and sensual red hot foreplay.Sensual Roleplay Phone Sex

I will be your seductive mistress seducing your body and mind. A soft sexy 100% real woman who will sooth tease and seduce you. We can get kinky and freaky or keep it sensual and romantic. Turn down the lights basking in each others warmth in the dark. Look into my eyes and rub my nipples while we kiss. Reach down and find my warm wet pussy. 

My cunt dripping for your hard cock. Your dick pressing against my thigh as I kiss your neck. My hard nipples pushing into your chest. You push me down and slowly suck and kiss my nipples. Your hard dick pressing against my swollen clit.

I love when we can get each other off.  We can use toys and our hands and mouths on each other. Take my vibrator to hot my hot wet pussy and ass As I put flavored lube all over your cock and suck it off. Lets settle in for a hot satisfying 69. If your kinky I will slide a vibrator up your tight little ass during Sensual Roleplay Phone Sex

I will pamper stroke lick kiss and rub you all over as we enjoy Sensual Roleplay Phone Sex. My tongue lingering around and up the crack of your ass. My warm wet mouth kissing and sucking your big heavy balls. My lips wrapping around your dick sucking it hard and fast then nice and slow. Teasing you to the bring of ecstasy stopping and starting all over again. Driving you crazy until your whole body feels like its on fire.  1-888-726-2391