Ageplay Phone Sex

Ageplay Phone Sex

Ageplay Phone Sex when you want it kinky!

Mommy takes you to the park for Ageplay Phone Sex. Does your young dick need extra attention? Mommy can’t wait to play with you. Mommy puts on her long sundress and we drive to the park. Your wearing your baggy boxers that are easy to slide down.


Ageplay Phone Sex Has no limits!

We find a nice parking spot  for Ageplay Phone Sex. Where you can see the hot girls from your class playing volley ball. There are also lots of hot older women jogging in their sports bra’s. Their tits and asses bouncing up and down as they run.

This gets your young cock so hard. Never fear Mommy Susan will take care of your hard young dick. Mommy always takes care of her special horny boy! Mommy loves to cuddle with you in the back seat & jerk you off. Letting you look at the pretty girls who rejected you. Making you in control!

Mommy will make you cum while you look at them. There is nothing they can do about it! Even if they figure out what happened it will be too late. You will have already came for mommy while gooning on them.  Those girls might have rejected you. But mommy makes sure you get cum! Getting yours one way or the other!


Ageplay Phone Sex has no taboos!

Mommy cuddles you close during Ageplay Phone Sex. Jerking you off in the back seat. You look up and watch everyone run by and play as mommy wraps her blanket around the both of us. You love sitting in mommy’s lap as she begins to rub on your hard young dick.

Your young penis springs to life for mommy. Mommy knows how to get your excited. She brings you out here to cuddle fuck on purpose! This way you get to live out your sexual fantasies! It’s  ok if those girls reject you son! Mommy will make you cum with them anyway. They have no control over what mommy has in mind!

They won’t even know what mommy is doing to you! What a lucky boy you are. Having such a sexy sweet mommy who will jerk you off. Letting you look at those girls who told you no. While mommy makes you cum so good. It’s ok baby, just let mommy fuck you while you look out the window! Mommy makes it all better!


Ageplay Phone Sex is so filthy!

Mommy whispers all kinds of filthy things in your ear and kisses on your neck. Ageplay Phone Sex is always fun with mommy. Your young cock begins to leak precum now. Soon mommy is jerking your hard dick in your shorts. You moan softly as mommy strokes your young cock up an down.

Your young cock feels so good in mommy’s hand. Jerking you off while you check out the hot blondes ass. The one who rejected you and turned you down. Thats ok mommy got you! Just keep watching them son while I make you feel so good. Mommy will make you cum so hard! You don’t need them baby when you have me!


Ageplay Phone Sex makes you cum hard!

Your young balls so heavy with cum for Ageplay Phone Sex. But you want more, you want mommies warm wet pussy right now! Very carefully mommy pulls you on top of her. Blanket over the both of us. You hike mommies dress up and start to lick and finger my mature cunt. Now its time to fuck mommy.

Mommy loves when you fuck her. Her puffy mature cunt eagerly accepts your young dick. First you suck on mommy’s clit until she cums in your mouth. Then you pump mommy’s pussy really good until she squirts all over you. Loving how mommy’s mature pussy grips your dick hard!


Ageplay Phone Sex Makes you want more!

Ageplay Phone Sex feels so good! Your big hard young dick slides slowly out in and out of mommy. Mommy gently pushes up and squeezes her mature pussy so tight around your dick. As you slide in and out you turn your head so you can look out the window. Your mind wanders to all the different girls and women outside.

Using mommy as your willing fuck sleeve! Pumping mommy’s pussy while you look at the pretty girls & hot women. Thinking about how good their pussies would feel if you fucked them. Closing your eyes & imagining your fucking them while being inside of mommy. Then looking down at your sweet sexy mommy who is encouraging you. Always nurturing & supporting you in every single way!


Ageplay Phone Sex makes you in control!

As you fuck mommy during Ageplay Phone Sex your imagination runs wild. You think about how hot it would be to fuck each and every one of them. You focus on that hot girl from school who keeps rejecting you. She looks so hot playing volley ball in her uniform.

She bends over to grab her gym bag. Taking off her sweat shirt to reveal a low cut blouse. Pulling a popsicle out of the cooler. Sucking on  the long red popsicle nice & deep. Your mind imagines thats your cock sliding between her lips. Your dick begins to throb & swell.


Ageplay Phone Sex makes your fantasies cum true!

Then you ask mommy for a blow job during Ageplay Phone Sex. Of course mommy will suck your hard dick. It’s a mothers job to take good care of her sweet sexy son. You continue to glance in your class mates direction. She has no idea that mommy is now sucking your cock.

Your class mate keeps sucking on her long red cherry popsicle. Completely oblivious to the blow job mommy is giving you. Your grinning while you stare in her direction. Knowing your violating her without her knowledge. Feeling mommy’s lips on your dick as you stare at her sucking her sweet treat!


Ageplay Phone Sex satisfies your needs!

Mommy’s lips slide up and down on your  cock during Ageplay Phone Sex. Your cock is so nice and juicy wet from mommy’s cunt juice. You watch that girl from school’s tits and ass bounce up and down as mommy sucks you off. You moan as mommy licks and sucks your dick. Mommy’s tongue pausing to swirl her experienced tongue around your big mushroom head.

You keep watching your class mate suck that popsicle. Having no idea what’s on your mind or what’s going on with mommy. Your class mate begins to take the entire popsicle into her mouth. Licking it down to the stick. Unaware this is just feeding your fantasies more & more. Your eyes roll back in your head. Soon you will cum in mommy’s mouth!


Ageplay Phone Sex is the best!

Mommy begins to pick up a good rhythm during Ageplay Phone Sex! Sucking your dick nice and deep. My gentle hands caressing’s your young balls. Soon your balls begin to twitch. You look at your class mate in the eyes as you blow a big load of cum in mommy’s mouth. You smile because your classmate has no idea what just transpired.

Mommy tells you to say your classmates name when you get close. You say her name over & over. The window is rolled down an inch. There is a chance your class mate might hear you moaning her name. Not giving a fuck you keep moaning her name over & over. Finally screaming her name & smiling at her until she turns in your direction!


Ageplay Phone Sex is our little secret!

She has no idea  your having Ageplay Phone Sex. You locked eyes with her while mommy took your thick creamy load. Smiling as you were sizing her up. Your classmate is confused why you yelled her name! You smile & wave because you won!


You always get yours during Ageplay Phone Sex!

You had your way with her & she is oblivious.  You came in mommy’s mouth while screaming her name. Looking dead at her right in her eyes! She has no idea you came so hard while looking in direction. Imaging that red cherry popsicle was your big hard dick!


Ageplay Phone Sex lets you live out your darkest fantasies!

It doesn’t matter how much that hot girl rejects you! Because you will be able to cum to her whether she likes it or not!  Mommy always knows how to make your young dick and balls feel better. Then you curl up next to mommy and suck on her big soft floppy tits under the blanket.


Ageplay Phone Sex is so naughty!

Feeling nice warm and satisfied. No one makes you feel as good as mommy does. Mommy knows exactly how to make you cum! Have a very naughty Ageplay Phone Sex fantasy you want to roleplay with me? I have all kinds of naughty ideas we can try. I can’t wait to hear what you have in mind!


Call me for Ageplay Phone Sex!

Call me when your looking for a  Ageplay Phone Sex! My sexy sultry voice and a kinky mind to get you off. Remember, no matter who in your life says no Mommy Susan will always be there for you. Mommy Susan will be your playmate confidant and your friend. Let me take care of you after a long hard day of work, class or stressful day.


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