Phone Sex Therapy

Phone Sex Therapy

Welcome to Phone Sex Therapy.

Welcome to Phone Sex Therapy. I am honored to be that gentle voice you confess to. I will never judge you no matter what you tell me. We can discuss anything your heart desires. Some of my gentleman really like me to be their dirty mommy.

Do you sneak into my room and play with mommy’s titties? Slide my panties to the side and sneak a lick? Or does mommy come into your room before bed. Giving you a special massage under the covers.

Your young cock rises to the occasion. Mommy rubs your dick up and down. Swallowing every drop sending you to bed with a smile. I can also be your strict mommy. Making you eat my cunt until I cum in your mouth.



Phone Sex Therapy is a safe place to confess.

Phone Sex Therapy is a safe place to share your fantasies. Even the really naughty taboo ones.   Tell me the first time you knew you were a panty lover. Who’s dirty panties did you steal first? Did you sniff and lick them? Did you jerk off in them or keep them as a souvenir.

Some of you might want to wear my panties. Submitting to my strapon dick. Begging me to fuck your prostate. Allowing me to bend you over and milk your dick as I fuck your ass.  It’s ok to admit your desires. Here there is zero judgment.


Lets enjoy during Phone Sex Therapy together.

We can enjoy Phone Sex Therapy roleplays together. Indulge in all the naughty fetishes you dream of . Long for race play? Does your hot Jewess or White wife love big black dick? Long to see her tight pink pussy stretched out by big dark dick?

How greedy is your hot wife? Maybe she loves a good gang bang. Or does she not have a choice in the matter. Maybe you roofie her drink and tie her down to a bed or table. So you and your friends can fuck her all night long in every single hole.

Perhaps you long to make a submissive lick your wife’s hot creampie. Or maybe that dirty creampie licker is you? Perhaps you taste your own cum like a good boy! Maybe you just want some guided masturbation instead. Or we can make it mutual and cum together!


We can talk about anything during Phone Sex Therapy.

Phone Sex Therapy allows you to experience your forbidden desires. Explore all the naughty adventures you crave. Tell me about your horny fantasies about your wife and her furry friend.

What a good boy he is….stabbing away at her pussy with his hard dick. Knotting up deep inside her. She pushes back on his hard dick greedily. Using his angry red cock as she watches her porn. His cock head explodes as she throbs all around him.

Her entire body is covered in sweat.  Laying on her back inviting her fun friend between her legs again. Rubbing her pussy with something tasty. So he will lick her cunt with his long tongue. Lulling her to orgasm once again.


Enjoy the full Phone Sex Therapy experience.

It’s ok to touch yourself during Phone Sex Therapy. Mutual masturbation is always encouraged during our session. We can bring our toys. I have a vibrator do you? Want to hear me use it? Long to hear me fuck my wet pussy with my dildo?

You might enjoy a good hard stroke. Or do you have a love doll perhaps. Some of my gentleman use cock strokers. Some cock strokers give the sensation of getting real head. Don’t be shy and bring all your toys.

Be sure to get your hands on my hard core picture set. Available for automatic download. Then you can look deep into my hair cunt and fat ass. I am spread nice and wide for you in my pictures. Leaving nothing to the imagination.


Phone Sex Therapy helps you relax.

Don’t hold back during our Phone Sex Therapy sessions. Confess everything you have never told another soul. I will be that one person you can everything to. No matter how taboo you like it. No matter how dirty the desire. Call me for Phone Sex Therapy!

Call me 2 cum now1-888-726-2391                       


Email Mommy at


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JOI phone sex


JOI phone sex

JOI phone sex for hot jerk off instruction

Longing for JOI phone sex? I can be the Hot MILF next door, or your horny mommy. Maybe your sexy school teacher. Let a mature MILF tempt and tease you. I will be your Erotic kinky mature phone lover.

We can enjoy all kinds of taboo JOI Phone sex fantasies. We can enjoy Teacher Student, Naughty neighbor, Mother Son, Auntie Nephew roleplays. Incest is one of my favorite role plays. I love being that hot Milf Mommy or Auntie who takes your virgin cock!


Our JOI phone sex has no limits!

I can be that hot milf that shows you what to do with your young dick. Instructing you how to touch yourself. Coaxing you to jerk it for mommy! Encouraging you to jerk off for professor Susan. Enticing you to make your cock cum for Auntie Sue.

I could be your neighbor next door. The hot milf whom always teases you. That you can’t wait to help out. Always opening the doors for me. Helping me carry my mail & groceries. It’s ok you can stroke that big hard dick for me. After all what are naughty neighbors for!


JOI phone sex for 1 on 1 live adult fun!

Want some 1 on 1 JOI phone sex fun? Your hot MILF neighbor can seduce your hard dick. You can comfort your horny mommy now that daddy is gone. Your Sexy school teacher will teach you how to use your young cock!

We can enjoy every role play you can imagine. So many fantasies & roleplays we can explore. Confess your deepest desires while we play.  I love getting you off! Making you cum hard is my deepest desire! Don’t hold back! I’m so here for you!


Anything is possible during JOI phone sex!

We can enjoy any roleplay you want during JOI phone sex! Nothing is off limits when we play. I can be your fantasy girl or incest slut. Hot wet ready & willing to lead you through Jerk off instruction. Hearing you stroke your dick makes my cunt so wet.

I always rub my pussy during our calls. Just ask me to let you listen if you like.  It feels so good to touch myself while you jerk off for me. Cumming on the phone for you feels so good! Mature Milfs like me love lots of attention! We stay so horny all the time!


JOI phone sex lulls you to ecstasy!

My seductive sultry voice lulling you to ecstasy. Leading you through a hot and nasty jerk off instruction. Maybe we can play together. I know you can’t wait to hear how juicy wet my pussy becomes as we play. Want me to put the phone down between my legs so you can hear my sweet sounds?

Of course you want to listen. Those sweet wet slapping sounds as my toy slides in & out. The pounding sounds my ass makes when I fuck my ass nice & deep. My breasts are so big I can suck my own nipples. Want to hear me suck those big soft tits for you?


Lets enjoy JOI phone sex together!

Of course you want to hear my pussy during JOI Phone Sex! The sounds of my wet cunt makes your cock so much harder. Knowing we are enjoying our phone call together! My soft moans & sultry voice leading you to orgasm. We can talk about what ever you want!

We can sit back relax & get to know each other. Learning how to get each other off. Exploring hot kinky roleplays. Experimenting with taboo fetishes. No one will ever know. It’s our little secret. We can do whatever you want on the phone while we play!


Hear me playing with my pussy during JOI phone sex!

Want to hear me really playing with my cunt? I will be happy to let you hear my toy go in and out of my hot wet pussy. I will give you JOI phone sex you will never forget. Instructing you how to stroke your hard dick. Learn how to play with your erect penis. Up your masturbation game!

Jerk off instruction is great practice for love making. A wonderful way to release tension. Putting you in control in your relationships. Helping you to experience your primal urges in a safe kinky space. Always discreet allowing you to explore your hidden desires & fantasies!


Lets get down & dirty during JOI phone sex!

Giving you hot & nasty instructions on how to play with your cock & balls. If your really nasty we can get into some Ass play with a toy! Want to play with that tight little ass of yours? I can instruct you how to slide that toy deep inside you.

Turn on a porn video while we talk. It’s so hot to listen to my voice while you watch porn! Watching porn while I give you instructions as you jerk it for me! JOI Phone Sex feels so good! Let my hot voice lead you to the best orgasm you’ve ever had!


Call me now for JOI phone sex!

Don’t play with that hard cock alone during JOI Phone Sex. You will learn how to tease your mushroom head. Get off to my hot voice. Enjoy caressing your heavy balls. And if your really naughty we can enjoy some ass play too! Bring your favorite lube and toys. Have your favorite porn handy.


Call me for JOI phone sex  at 1-888-726-2391                                                                   Email me at

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