Mommy Gangbanged!

Mommy Gangbanged!

Mommy Gangbanged by bullies!

Mommy Gangbanged By Bullies Phone Sex is red hot! You and mommy move to a new town. Its hard being a single mom. Mommy does the best to give you everything.  In school everyone picks on you. Your the class nerd and you get picked on every day. Talking to the counselor and the principal never works. Sadly this continues all through school.


Mommy Gangbanged when she defends you!

One day your mommy takes things into her own hands.  You try to talk her out of it but she just won’t listen. Mommy demands to sit down with your bullies to try to reason with them. Things don’t turn out the way Mommy thought they would.  Reluctantly you take your mom to the basket court where your bullies hang out.


Mommy Gangbanged when she pushes her luck!

Mommy parks your old van out front and stomps onto the court. She asks them to come talk to her. They humor her and point at you and laugh. Mommy tells them to stop picking on you or else she will punish them herself. Then having her say she takes you back to the van. However things don’t go as planned.


Mommy Gangbanged by surprise!

When mommy and you get back to the van your bullies surround you both. Forcing the two of you into the back of the van. Holding you down as they strip your mommy and make her take their hard dicks. You watch your Mommy Gangbanged By Bullies!


Mommy Gangbanged Makes your dick hard!

All your bullies take advantage of your mommy! Making her suck and fuck them one after the other while you watch. Laughing as they fuck and rape your mommy right in front of you. Making you watch as they fuck your mothers cunt one after the other.


 Mommy Gangbanged starts out as forced roleplay!

At first mommy tries to fight them off. But then she starts to enjoy all these hard young dicks. Then it goes from your bullies raping mommy to giving her pleasure. Mommy starts begging for their cocks. Cumming on their hard young cocks one after the other. This confuses you but makes your cock rock hard.


Mommy Gangbanged entices you with her creampie!

After your bullies leave you comfort your mommy and lick all their cum out of her creampie cunt. Mommy cums so hard as you lick out her creampie. Mommy takes out your dick and sucks it. You cum so hard in mommy’s mouth after licking out her creampie full of your bullies cum.


Mommy Gangbanged pussy is wet & slick!

Mommy’s pussy is so wet & slick. After you lick mommy’s cunt & cum in her mouth you want more! Your cock gets so hard all over again! Mommy tries to tell you no but you can’t stop! Forcing your mommy’s legs apart. Making mommy take your dick! Forcing your young cock inside mommy. Pushing & thrusting your incest dick inside mommy.


You can’t stop fucking her pussy after  Mommy Gangbanged hard!

At first Mommy tells you to stop but she can’t help but like it. Mommy is a little whore at heart. Your young incest dick feels so good. Sliding in and out of mommy. Thats it fuck mommy’s cunt real good! Then put mommy on her back & fuck her ass hole too. Give mommy a nice wet full anal creampie.


Make mommy scream after Mommy Gangbanged!

Make mommy moan & scream with pleasure. Then Every day invite all your friends from class over to fuck mommy’s cunt! Mommy might protest at first. But you know exactly how to make mommy like it. Mommy loves being gang banged deep down! She might say no at first but mommy wants more!


Mommy Gangbanged makes you want more!

The next day The bullies don’t bully you anymore. Instead they follow you home to fuck your mom. Your dick gets hard as you watch your Mommy Gangbanged By Bullies! Your mom who eagerly takes all their young hard cocks as wells your own for gang bang phone sex!

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