Sexy Stepmother Phone Sex

Sexy Stepmother Phone Sex


Sexy Stepmother Phone Sex fulfills your fantasies!

Sexy Stepmother Phone Sex lets you take advantage of your mom. Your very hot horny drunk mom is yours for the taking! Your stepmother dresses like such a slut in a conservative way. Those French manicured nails and well coifed hair aren’t fooling you.

Her well manicured toes that slide in her open toed stiletto’s. Her lingerie from her silk panties to her stockings & garters. She seduced your father away from your mom. She knew exactly what she was doing. Enticing him into marrying her. It’s obvious Your stepmom is your dads trophy wife.


Sexy Stepmother Phone Sex lets you fuck mommy hard!

Wanting Sexy Stepmother Phone Sex? You see how she takes in random strange men to her bed when your dads gone. Every time your dad goes away on business  Horny Stepmother Susan entertains strange dick! She starts to drink her mommy juice(wine) and then calls up a friend to keep her company(Fuck).

Your dad has no idea what a whore his new wife is. Why would you tell him? When you can exploit the situation for your own desires! Fulfilling your need to get back at your dad. While fucking your stepmom’s hot cunt & ass. The best part is she drinks so much she will never remember. Even if she does you have enough evidence to black mail her with!


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Tonight is going to be different. You hid dirty mommy‘s cell phone and took away her car keys and turned off the router/modem that controls the phone and internet. No emailing or calling any special friends for mommy. You come into the kitchen to find mommy drinking her mommy juice again!


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You turn on a bit of music and dance with mommy. Grinding up against her during Sexy Stepmother Phone Sex. Encouraging her to drink until she feels dizzy. Will you help her to her room? Of course you will. What a good step son you are. Except once sexy mommy passes out you are going to help her right out of those cloths aren’t you?  You dirty dirty boy!


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Of course after you take your pictures your going to set up a camera and film everything your doing to Step mommy. Kissing her neck, sucking on her breasts and rubbing your cock all over her face and mature cunt! Then while mommy’s legs are spread nice and wide its time to delve deep. Taking your time nice and slow fucking mommy’s  pussy.


Sexy Stepmother Phone Sex fulfills your desires!

How long you have dreamed of the moment you would finally get to fuck your stepmothers mature cunt. Her mature cunt is so nice and wet. soft hair rubbing up against your balls as you drive your young cock deep inside. Satisfaction knowing your fucking your dads wife. Fucking your stepmother with a cock longer thicker and harder than your dads dick!


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Soon, your stepmother begins to wake up. Sexy Stepmother Phone Sex feels so good you can’t stop! You keep fucking her nice and slow. Imagine stepmother Susan’s surprise as she wakes up orgasming on her stepsons young cock! Of course still drunk she falls back to sleep.


Sexy Stepmother Phone Sex is what dreams are made of!

You smile and go to bed after Sexy Stepmother Phone Sex. The next morning she asks you where you were, telling you she had the weirdest dream. You tell her you weren’t home leaving her completely confused. Content that you got away with fucking your horny stepmother and she thinks its just a dream. Or was it?


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