Horny librarian Phone Sex

Horny librarian Phone Sex

Horny librarian Phone Sex has no taboos.

During Horny librarian Phone Sex It’s after hours in the library. There are still a few people left inside. I walk over to a group of college students sitting in the back, their built bodies look very tempting. I feel so hot as they watch me come closer to their table.

They are too young for me. 20 something year old college boys. I’m old enough to be their mother. Watching me like I’m dinner. Undressing me with their eyes. I try to stay busy. Putting away books helping library patrons check out.


Horny librarian Phone Sex has no limits!

Horny librarian Phone Sex  is wide open to all possibilities.  As a librarian I am so vulnerable. There are six of you young strong tall college boys. With your rippling muscles. All of you could easily over power me.

If the group of you were to corner me I’d have no choice. I would have to do whatever you demanded of me.  All of you are so much stronger than me. Doing my best not to stare. But I can’t help but look at your young sexy buff bodies.


Horny librarian Phone Sex is on your mind!

Horny librarian Phone Sex is on your mind. They look me up and down in my white blouse with the first two buttons open to show off my soft mature breasts. My short black pencil skirt hugs my voluptuous ass so tight.

These black high heels make my legs long and lean. Those hot college boys begin flirting with me. Knowing its wrong I do it anyway. I invite them to the back lounge with me when I turn to walk away.  Hoping that we have a good chat after work. Maybe one them & I might click.


Horny librarian Phone Sex makes you hunger for me.

The door to the lounge opens behind me during Horny librarian Phone Sex. I turn around and see the group of young men in the doorway. Their eyes look hungry as they watch me slowly undress. They come inside and close the door behind them as they start to move close as they surround me.

They came in a little early. I was getting ready to hang out with them. Having no idea they had other ideas in mind.  Clicking with just one oft them wasn’t the idea. They planned to share me together. This was never going to be about a night of flirting. Maybe getting one number. No these strapping studs had darker desires.


Horny librarian Phone Sex satisfies your urges.

Horny librarian Phone Sex starts slow. My skin starts to heat up as their big hands touch my mature feminine body. Sliding up and down my spine as another pair of hands grabs my soft mature breasts. Their big young strong hands fondling and groping me in every which way.

I knew it was wrong. It was happening so fast. Their strong hands felt so good. Wet tongues licking me all over. Hungry mouths kissing sucking every inch of my body. Whispering dirty filthy desires in my ear. Telling me how hard their big young cocks were for me.

Horny librarian Phone Sex fun

Horny librarian Phone Sex fulfills your desires.

It feels so good during Horny librarian Phone Sex. One of the men fondles my breasts and lightly pinches my nipples. A big hard cock starts to rub against my ass, right between my ass cheeks. His hard dick feels so good rubbing against me as he pulls my panties to the side. 

I try to tell him to slow down but  he pushes me down. Finger fucking my cunt. Licking my pussy from behind. Pushing his rock hard young cock inside me. Grabbing onto my hips. Thrusting his big dick deep inside my pussy. His balls bouncing off my ass. Fucking my ass nice and deep.


Horny librarian Phone Sex Makes you cum.

I get taken during Horny librarian Phone Sex. I was pulled on top of one of the darker hotties. The taller of the young men slides his huge big black cock between my smooth milky white thighs. I squeeze my thighs tight as he thrusts against me. His fat black mushroom head hits my clit every time he pushes into me.

Horny librarian Phone Sex heats up in these 6 to 1 odds. As I ride a big black cock a Latino dick slides into my pink puckered ass. Thrusting deep inside my tightest hole. Being double penetrated nice & slow feels so good.  Both sets of hands all over my soft creamy white body.


Horny librarian Phone Sex  Makes you feel good.

Soon a big white cock eagerly brushes across my lips. I open my mouth to accept a long fat creamy white cock. Licking & sucking every inch of your big fat dick. Then your hands push on the back of my head. Making me deep throat every last inch of your dick.

Horny librarian Phone Sex becomes a gang bang. 6 cocks but only 3 holes longing to be fucked sucked until they cum. All that thick creamy young cum and so little time. Their cocks are so big and they can fuck hard for hours. Cumming for hours on end. How ever will I take all this hard young dick? Are you one of the guys fucking me?


Horny librarian Phone Sex Gives you exactly what you want.

Does it turn you on to share me with your friends. All six of you licking sucking & fucking me. Enticing me with your hard buff young bodies. Over powering me with your strong arms. Filling me up with your big hard dicks! Pushing  & probing me in every hole.

Ready for my Horny librarian Phone Sex? Or are you my boss jerking your cock off? A horny intern fingering your hot wet cunt in the back room? A cuckold edging yourself as you watch me get fucked? A perverted security guard watching me from a hidden camera? Do you always watch me get naughty secretly because you like to watch?


Horny librarian Phone Sex Let’s you experience your wildest fantasies.

Do you want a slow seduction of your favorite librarian? Or do you want  to forcibly take me? Perhaps I’m the one who seduces you. Could blackmail be more your style. Do you catch me doing something I shouldn’t? Blacking me to be your willing sex slave. Your slutty milf!

What Phone Sex fantasies do you have? Or were you the nerdy boss I rejected but you watch like a cuck? Or maybe your a librarian too and we take these big dicks together. I can’t wait for us to enjoy Horny librarian Phone Sex ! Call me now! I can’t wait to play with you.


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Milky Nipples Phone Sex



Milky Nipples Phone Sex

Milky Nipples Phone Sex


Milky Nipples Phone Sex satisfies your desire for milky tits.

During Milky Nipples Phone Sex we are laying in bed together, kissing slowly and deeply. Your hands cup my soft mature breasts as you gently massage them in both of your big, warm hands. Rubbing and teasing my sensitive Milky nipples as you pinch them between your fingers.


Milky Nipples Phone Sex is pure ecstasy.

My swollen nipples start throbbing as you knead them between your fingers. Moaning in pure ecstasy and relief as I feel the pressure start to release. You watch as creamy white milk starts to drip from my pink hard nipples like dew from my delicate pink rosebuds.


Milky Nipples Phone Sex fulfills your craving for lactating tits.

You lick your lips as more milk starts dripping down my from my lactating tits. Taking your head into my hands as I slowly guide your hungry mouth to one of my milky nipples. You lap up the spilled milk on my breast before you start to lick and suck my dripping nipple into your mouth.


Milky Nipples Phone Sex feels good on your tongue.

Swirling my pink nipple into your mouth as you suck harder on it. It feels so good as you swirl your tongue around my milky nipple and play with it as you slowly suck me dry. Moving to my other lactating breast as you start playing with my naked wet mature pussy.


Milky Nipples Phone Sex Teases you for more.

Sliding a finger inside of me as you tease my Milky nipple with the tip of your tongue. I start to tremble as you slowly pump my hot wet pussyAdding another finger inside of me while you drink your fill. I know my tit milk tastes so sweet in your mouth.

Milky Nipples Phone Sex

You suck up every last drop of my breast milk before sliding down and licking every droplet of milk that slid down to my stomach. Kissing and licking it all up before coming back up for another deep, hungry kiss.


Milky Nipples Phone Sex Makes you want to devour me.

Then you slowly make your way between my thighs to with your warm wet tongue. Your mouth hungrily wanting to devour all my sweet cunt honey. Long for more Milky Nipples Phone Sex

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