Horny Auntie Phone Sex

Horny Auntie Phone Sex

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You always gaze at me hungrily when your wife isn’t around. Your eyes wandering from my lusciously full natural breasts down to my thick thighs. You just got married and your wife has no idea what you desire. That you are lusting after me when she is not around. Always ever feeling your eyes upon me. Your hardon pressing into my big ass from behind. Your need for Horny Auntie Phone Sex growing.

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I just love how you touch me and kiss me when she is away. She is gone all the time and you know I am so cock hungry. My horny mature cunt needs to be fucked with  your hot young dick. I try to run around the house with as little as possible. Keeping the door ajar when I shower or masturbate. Always teasing you to take a peek. I know you hear my vibrator hum through the wall. Your temptation for me grows.

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You can hear my long slick vibrator fucking my juicy wet cunt hard and deep. My soft sweet moans raising your cock to attention. Your desire for Horny Auntie Phone Sex is too much to bear. Then you turn to your ice cold wife who pushes you away. The temptation inside you continues to build during your summer visit to my home. You try to hide your desire but your such a bad liar.

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I surprise you one night when my husband your uncle is away on business. I sneak into your bedroom when you are undressing. You turn around to see me in nothing but my lacy see-through nightgown. You tell me that I shouldn’t be here until I kiss your lips. You wrap an arm around my waist and pull me close while you grab my mature ass. I slowly push you on the bed and get on top of you.

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And as I look out the window I see my husband watching us. I watch him touch his cock as I start to sit on your dick. Feeling your throbbing dick slide inside of me as he watches. Your eyes locking with your uncle watching you fuck your Aunt, who is also his wife. You aggressively bury your face into my breasts. Sucking my fat floppy full natural breasts. Your young bull cock pushing deeper and deeper inside me. My cuckold husband left helpless to watch.

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